Committed to SLA

Our service is offered with a commitment to meet adequate conditions of service. And we do this through a service level agreement. 

Our service agreement in a nutshell:

  1. We define a person in charge on each side.
  2. We define definitions, goals, agreement period.
  3. We define response and treatment times:

Fault identifierFault typeResponse timeTreatment timeHow to report
Level 1Critical / urgentUp to 3 hoursImmediately and up to 24 hoursVia Phone +Email
Level 2Interruption / errorUp to 12 hoursUp to 48 hoursVia Phone +Email
Level 3Minor malfunctionUp to 24 hoursUp to 4 business daysVia Email
Ongoing serviceEditing / AddingUp to 24 hoursUp to 2 business daysVia Email

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More about SLA for Website Management Services

When working with one-time service providers, you know what your desired final product is and you can see for yourself the quality of that work. But when you’re working with a service provider on an ongoing basis (website promoter, marketer, webmaster, etc …) it is very difficult to measure performance immediately and it is certainly difficult to know the quality of the service in relation to the price you pay compared to the rest of the market.

For that very reason, we work with our customers in an orderly manner, and this work includes a service agreement (SLA) that specifies the following ideas:

Details of SLA agreement with customers:

  • Service provider information.
    • Regular contact information.
    • Who is responsible for carrying out the work.
    • How to receive work requests.
  • recipient of the service.
    • Regular contact information.
    • Who may demand work.
    • How to demand work.

In addition to the definition of the parties to the agreement and the manner of communication between them, we specify in an orderly manner the following details:

  • The quality of the services included in the management package.
  • The maximal amount of working hours in the management package.
  • Time frame for performing different types of tasks according to their level of urgency.
  • Hours of operation during which the services are provided.
  • Additional obligations to both parties in the agreement.

As you can see, we treat each and every customer with due earnesty and act in accordance with a written and agreed upon agreement by both parties to achieve bes satisfaction.