Small Business Website Management (definition)

You own A successful business which is carefully managed and generating revenue year after year, but your online presence is almost non-existent? It makes perfect sense, you are not almighty and you just may need some help.

What is website management? Website management by a professional webmaster changes the way your business looks online. your webmaster takes full responsibility of your website, managing everything – From technicals through content and later to marketing!

How we provide the service? One on one! its you and your permanent webmaster without intermediaries communicating whatever way you choose. so he learns your bussines needs and becomes one of the family.

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What do you get out of it? At first, reducing website related workload and headache (you deserve it!). But much more since a professional webmaster will knew how to achieve better results!聽

In summary, If you own a Small Business Website, we provide a complete solution – Outsourced professional employee without any commitment on your part, 24/7 availability, unlimited requests with no additional costs!

Website management is not an easy job. we have great responsibility to present the business correctly and make sure their clients trust them!

In small and medium businesses, business owners knows their clients personally. In fact, we represent the business owner no less than the business brand. therefore we need to give heart and soul by learning the essence of business and reflect it out to the world.

When managing a small or medium-sized business website, We do our best to become friends of the business owner and be in direct contact with him continuously In tools that are convenient for him: Private Messages, SMS, Whatsapp and even Telegram so they can work with us on the go.

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What do we do for you?

Website Hosting

Website encryption

Website backups

Website monitoring

Website maintenance

Website security

content management

brand management

panel management

Product management

Searvice management

blog management

market research

Landing pages

Website optimization


Performance analysis

Competition analysis

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    Small business website definition: A website owned by SMB or even by Corporate business however contains less then 50 web pages.聽

    Service details: our website management services are based on a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that accurately defines work hours, response times and time to full solution聽depending on the urgency of request.