Corporate Website Maintenance (definition)

Most people do not really know your company. They learn about your company from public information on the web & website. In other words, the company’s customers judge you on the basis of external indications you can control over on your website.

What is website Maintenance? Website maintenance is a set of ongoing operations intended to ensure that the website is always up-to-date, malfunctions-free and as protected as possible. it is a job that requires experience and patience.

How we provide the service? As part of website maintenance services we actually offer 6 sub-services.

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What do you get out of it? Peace of Mind. You allow professionals to take full responsibility for your corporate website and you knowing that there is always someone looking over the site.

In summary, If you are in charge of your company website , we provide a complete solution – Full searvice without any commitment on your part, 24/7 availability, unlimited requests with no additional costs + tech Support hours!

Business image is important. Even very important! As such we must look good at all times. When there are no professionals within the organization who specialize in managing or maintaining websites, It is almost always the recommendation to contact a company that specializes in website maintenance to do it for you!

Website maintenance services for companies and corporations do not include only the obvious. but also custom services tailored for yheir needs. When in some cases we define orderly work protocol to prevent misunderstandings and visible faults which may harm company’s image.

We understand the needs, We define a tailored solution, We produce peace of mind!

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What do we do for you?

Website Hosting

Website encryption

Website backups

Website monitoring

Website maintenance

Website security

What are the terms of service?

24/7 availability

Committed to SLA

Without limits

No additional costs

DNS management

Techย support

Let us take responsibility of your website! We’re good at it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Corporate website definition: A website owned by Corporations or Organizations with over 100 webpages on their website. Usually an organization with several departments โ€“ each have their own requirements.

    Service details: our website maintenance services are based on a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that accurately defines work hours, response times and time to full solutionย depending on the urgency of request.