Ecommerce Website Maintenance (definition)

Owner of a Ecommerce website? You are probably aware of the amount of issues and malfunctions appear every month. Ecommerce website maintenance requires dealing with many more plugins and scripts as for implementing codes and adding capabilities to support promotions, discounts, gift card coupons..

What is website Maintenance? Website maintenance is a set of ongoing operations intended to ensure that the website is always up-to-date, malfunctions-free and as protected as possible. it is a job that requires experience and patience.

How we provide the service? As part of website maintenance services we actually offer 6 sub-services.

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What do you get out of it?聽We are largely the “go to guy” for any request or dream so you can move forward and grow constantly!

In summary, If you own a Ecommerce Website, we provide a complete solution – Full searvice without any commitment on your part, 24/7 availability, unlimited requests with no additional costs + tech Support hours!

Ecommerce website are made up of lots of different components that need to communicate together seamlessly so that the buyer will enjoy a perfect experience.聽

For everything to work properly, routine maintenance of the site is required. By website maintenance, version uniformity can be maintained between the various plugins and website theme. Beyond that, there may be requirements for design code adjustments to support new capabilities – Which we must also address!

When we maintain a Ecommerce website, we understand that every mistake has a price tag that the store owner pays, so we work with sensitively and as much as possible also in a development environment.

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What do we do for you?

Website Hosting

Website encryption

Website backups

Website monitoring

Website maintenance

Website security

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24/7 availability

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Without limits

No additional costs

DNS management


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    Ecommerce website definition: A website whose main purpose is to clear online transactions. This service refers to a standard Ecommerce website and not to marketplaces or marketplace platforms.聽

    Service details: our website maintenance services are based on a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that accurately defines work hours, response times and time to full solution聽depending on the urgency of request.