Corporate Website Management (definition)

You have been asked to take responsibility of the company’s website? Feeling a little lost in between your ongoing work and operation the website? We offer a solution that will help you succeed in both. Focus on what you know, leave us the rest!

What is website management? Website management by a professional webmaster changes the way your company looks online. your webmaster takes full responsibility of your company’s website, managing everything – From technicals through content and later on to marketing!

How we provide the service? One on one! its you and your permanent webmaster without intermediaries communicating whatever way you choose. so webmaster learns company policy, company emphases and works accordingly.

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What do you get out of it? You need to provide results and we will know how to provide them! Beyond that, We will probably be able to help you even in other online tasks on the go.聽

In summary, If you pointed out at work to be responsible of the company website, we got your back! – Outsourced professional employee without any commitment on your part, 24/7 availability, unlimited requests with no additional costs!

Website management is not an easy job. A corporation’s website should convey the spirit of the company and represent the company faithfully!

In large corporations there is a tendency not to take responsibility for additional tasks. Therefore corporate websites lack information and the end user does not always understand the scope of the organization’s activities.

When managing a corporate website, We take responsibility for working in an orderly manner. Learning the company, Understanding company structure, Examining sensitive issues. And only then we start communicating with heads of departments or person in charge to make changes on corporate website.

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Website Hosting

Website encryption

Website backups

Website monitoring

Website maintenance

Website security

content management

brand management

panel management

Product management

Service management

blog management

market research

Landing pages

Website optimization


Performance analysis

Competition analysis

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    Corporate website definition: A website owned by Corporations or Organizations with over 100 webpages on their website. Usually an organization with several departments – each have their own requirements.

    Service details: our website management services are based on a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that accurately defines work hours, response times and time to full solution聽depending on the urgency of request.