Website Management services Q&A

Websites Don’t Run Themselves

Do you find yourself wasting valuable time trying to run your business and website at the same time? Instead of trying to learn how to run a website independently, you better read about the benefits of web management services and save valuable time and money easily and quickly!

The answer to this question varies between different businesses and different websites. Generally, there are a number of questions that will help you answer this one big question:

  • Do you have the technical expertise to manage the website?
  • Do you have enough time to manage the website?
  • Do you have the energy or desire to run the website?
  • Do you know how to maintain the website?
  • Do you know how to utilize search engines?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you do not need website management services. If some of the answers are negative, then you probably need website management services and it is better for you and your business that you transfer those responsibilites to a professional!

The benefits of transferring responsibilities to a professional of website management are many. We will focus on a number of notable benefits:

  • It is cheaper to hire website management services than to hire a permanent website management employee.
  • Prevents the impossible – it is difficult, if not impossible, to run a business and a website at the same time.
  • Allows for a better appearance and higher ranking in the search results in the various search engines.
  • Saves a lot of unnecessary headaches.

We all have to admit it – a business owner does not have the leisure to take care of the website themselves. If they handle the website, the results will not be as good and the search engines will not promote the website, since the business owner does not have the knowledge required to present the information correctly as the search engines would utilize best. These benefits are all reflected in professional website management.

There are differences between websites, but these are the services that can be obtained as part of site management services:

Updating and adding content to the sit
Updating textual content, updating media content (images, video, audio), creating new articles and pages, and rearranging the website content. It doesn’t matter what you need and it doesn’t matter what system the website is built on – we can do it for you.

Product and inventory management on site
Adding, removing, editing quantity and inventory for each and every product in the online store. We can do it. Create a hierarchy of categories and products that has been built for you, create processes to help you grow each customer’s shopping cart (upsale), rewrite descriptions for existing products, and more.

Establishing an infrastructure for organic promotion
Implementation of dedicated information for the search engines, including a title optimized for search engines, search engine optimization of description, labeling and categorization according to the search engine requirements, adding bread crumbs for easy site navigation for complete optimization that promotes significant results!

Improving and upgrading the site
Improving the appearance, structure and content of the website, which includes editing the code and upgrading it in accordance with the needs of the website. Requirements for accessibilities? You got it. Requirements for embedding pixels and remarketing? You got it. Need to make some design changes? You got it. We will provide you with a wide range of services.

Website marketing management
Need to manage advertising on Google, Facebook or any other social media? We can do it for you. Do you need to maintain newsletters for email marketing? We will do it for you. Do you want to increase the conversion rate on your website? We can do that, too!

Network image management
Want your business to look great not just on your own website, but across the web? Well, we run business and social pages across every possible media – from Linkedin to Instagram, and we can make sure that each search will promote the best image for you across the web.

Each customer receives a service customized to his needs, so that way, we can provide the best service for each platform!

A web management service is suitable for any website owner. In practice, we divide the service into the category that best suits each business and website:

  • SMB’S and corporate website management – management of sites that offer information and branding only.
  • eCommerce Website Management – Website management that offers online sales to customers.
  • Community site management – site management that centralizes around user audience and personal communication.
  • Institutional website management – management for clients and big companies (government ministries, authorities and more).

If you do not have a professional whose job is to maintain and manage the website on a regular basis, then our service is suitable for you and you are welcome to contact us for these services!

As with any other ongoing service, we are committed to being by your side and providing you with prompt and professional service at all times, driven by professionalism and with outstanding courtesy. Also, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, mistakes or any subsequent mishaps, we have a binding SLA agreement which we undertake to abide by.

As part of the agreement, we undertake the following parameters:

  • Providing efficient and professional service.
  • Providing courteous and personal service.
  • Providing fast and immediate service.
  • Continuous optimization.

We believe that in order for us to succeed, it’s important that you’ll succeed. Therefore, we provide an uncompromising service and are constantly working to improve your results on the website!

As customers, you should enjoy a peace of mind and a professional service. Therefore, we reduce communication with customers to the minimum. But that does not mean that we won’t call, consult and maintain continuous communication with you to make sure that everything is fine and that we have received all the required information we need to provide you with an optimal service.

We have a rule:

  • The more the customer is involved in the making of the website – the better the results are!

That is, it’s not only your right, we are even happy when you contact us and send us as much information as possible so that we can use this and present it to the general public.

Website management costs vary between different websites and different systems. But the costs are still significantly lower than the hours of work you will have to invest to do that work yourself, or paying an employee to do it for you.

Website management costs are determined according to the following parameters:

  • System type and website status.
  • The type of management you need.
  • Frequency of content updating.

We try to keep the price level as low as possible.

Average costs: The average website management cost ranges from 1,800$ to 3,000$ per month.

If you just want to try us out or you only need regular maintenance and storage services, then we have services tailored to you as well. We recommend that you contact us for a customized quote for your requirements!