You’ve received a new order on the website, how do you handle it? Do you know by heart what’s in stock and what isn’t? Do you print the order on paper and go to the warehouse to collect the order? Each online store owner chooses their own method to handle orders and deliveries. In this article, we will give you a tip that can help you in collecting the products and preparing them for sending to the customer!

Collection List for Products

We, as a website management company, get a behind-the-scenes view of online stores in a variety of fields. There are areas where the business owners do not keep goods in the warehouse at all and there are areas where the business owners keep all the goods available in the business’ warehouse.

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    For those businesses that manage local inventory, it is often necessary to print the order list of products and then go to the warehouse and mark what is or isn’t there, and, if it isn’t, to inform the customer about the shortages and whether or not they want a replacement product.

    Since it’s frustrating to print it on a piece of paper, start checking if it’s indeed that product or whether it’s another one, many are looking for other solutions. Our tip is to, of course, use the tools in our easy-to-use, a friendly app with configurations that allow for the management of all of the required actions after an order has been placed.

    • Update the customer on each step of the process
    • View the ordered products in a convenient way
    • Check box to collect existing products
    • Real-time customer updates on missing products

    How Do You Use the Collection List for Ordered Products?

    To use the collection list, download the WEMANAGE app from the app stores using the following links:

    After that, with each order, you will be given options to quickly contact the customer or to start an orderly collection process that includes an update of the customer at each stage of the process:

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      1. Your order has been placed
      2. Your order was transferred to collection
      3. Your order was successfully collected
      4. Your order was collected, but some products were missing
      5. Your order was handed over to the courier
      6. We would be happy to get your review

      This way, the customer is updated about all the behind-the-scenes actions and understands that the order has indeed been received and handled, which reassures them and allows them a sense of security that can make a huge difference when they’ll consider if they’d like to purchase from you or your competitors in their future orders.

      In conclusion,

      If you want to step up your game and provide better customer service, and if you want to earn your customer’s trust and win repeat customers, you must work with an orderly process that starts with the collection and ends with getting a response to a survey to improve your service!