Do you have a catalog website for your business, but you never find the time to update the products/prices/inventory? Management services for catalog websites are exactly what you’re looking for. We make sure that your website is updated immediately with any necessary changes, and you can sit back and enjoy some peace of mind or deal with what is truly important. More about the service, in this article.

Management of Catalog Websites

Websites are divided into different categories. Within the category of online stores, there’s an especially large subcategory – catalog websites. These are websites that include product pages like e-commerce websites, but in most cases, these websites do not have prices and there’s no online purchase option.

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    When we’re hired to manage catalog websites, we must study the client’s needs and understand what they want to convey to the website’s audience, since catalog websites serve as the first impression for business and private sectors who purchase or might purchase from those import companies, factories, and service providers, based on their catalog website.

    Therefore, the most important parts of a catalog website are different from e-commerce or image websites:

    • Emphasis on extensive and accurate detail for each product.
    • Use large, high-quality images to display each product.
    • Using tools to display PDF files and various manuals.
    • Providing access to orders from customers in an online order form.
    • Providing customer service that includes a hotline and support on the website.

    How do we manage a catalog website?

    Managing a catalog website is based on the relationship with the customer. The customer must send us an update on any decision or new product via email. In turn, we present the product in the best and most convincing way both to both the users and the search engines so that the new product will rank high in the search results under various key phrases.

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      Managing a catalog website requires us to work with various tools that will allow us to display large and high-quality images that would still load up fast on the computer and mobile devices. We must present links for further information in PDF or WORD files so that customers can get the full details before they pick up the phone or leave an inquiry form on the website.

      Importing companies, factories, and retail chains sometimes require easy customer support and service page for customers who have already purchased or plan to purchase the products presented on the website. Therefore, we must establish a communication area through which they can get the answers for most of the questions immediately and the rest while carefully filtering the inquiries to the relevant parties.

      How Much Does It Cost to Manage a Catalog Website?

      Managing a catalog website is not cheaper than managing a standard e-commerce website. It is true that there’s no actual shopping or a cart, but we must invest the efforts we have saved in other places which require just as much effort. The cost of managing a catalog website varies from client to client depending on the number of items on the website, the type of website system, and, of course, the total number of hours required each month to keep the site up-to-date and relevant.

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