Everyone has eCommerce websites! The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most of the store owners to open an eCommerce website to allow them to stay in business. As they did, the competition for the attention of web users slowly become particularly tough, and this in an arena where customers have no sentiment for one brand or another – it’s all a matter of image and price.

To build a continuous relationship with customers and to ensure consistent growth in online sales, store owners must develop a brand that will make it possible to retain each and every customer and ensure that all customers will come back to purchase over and over and over again – using a membership “card”.

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    Memberships on an eCommerce website

    Developing a membership plan on an eCommerce website that is based on a WordPress content management system is not that simple, but it is not that complex either.

    Creating infrastructure for memberships usually combines several stages:

    1. Infrastructure for grouping users under a membership title.
    2. Infrastructure for awarding points equal to money for actions in the online store.
    3. A reminder infrastructure, providing benefits and maintaining contact with customers.

    These three infrastructures need to work well together for the membership club to achieve its goals.

    When the membership club is ready, we can manage the membership club online and ensure a constant increase in the number of customers returning every day, week or month to our website and purchasing again and again.

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      How do you manage a membership club on the website?

      A membership club is worth nothing in the absence of professional and ongoing management. A good membership club generates significant value for customers and not necessarily for the website owners (also, but indirectly!).

      Value for surfers can be in different configurations for each action they do on the website or outside of it.

      • The customer registers – they deserve a reward!
      • The customer submitted a review – they deserve a reward!
      • The customer made a purchase – they deserve a reward!
      • The customer is celebrating their birthday – they deserve a gift!
      • The customer did not visit the website – they deserve a discount!

      Our customer wants to receive as many benefits, discounts, and awards from our store as possible. But they also expect these treats to be real and meaningful only to them. That is, sometimes it is better to display high prices on the website and save the discounts specifically for the loyal customers in the membership club.

      You don’t have to wait for Black Friday or other shopping holidays to create shopping opportunities for the website’s customers. You can initiate a variety of private events that will encourage users to visit the website and indulge themselves at good prices, for example:

      • The website is celebrating its birthday – 20% discount!
      • Arrival of a new collection – everything else at 50% discount!
      • The website owner went crazy – 48 hours of 30% discount!

      Come up with whatever you want, but spoil and be generous to your customers with benefits so that it will pay off for them to have and keep track of your membership club!

      Does a website management company do this?

      If you don’t have the time or energy to handle a membership club on your own, you probably need the professional assistance of a website management company. You will be assigned a professional webmaster who will do everything for you. They will manage the entire website and membership club as part of the ongoing activity and thus save you headache and spending unnecessary time managing it, and – you can still achieve great results 😉