Do you own a local manufacturing company but most of your sales are directed to other states? Do you have procurement agreements with several countries but want to expand to additional ones? One of the most effective ways to grow in the 21st century is with the help of a managed website that markets the factory and showcases it to the whole world. This is exactly what we will talk about in this article.

Promotion of manufacturers online

It is not easy to maintain a manufacturing plant. The lack of working hands, debilitating bureaucracy, tough competition with third world countries and a whole host of other difficulties weigh on factory owners. But in spite of all this, when there are sales, a factory can be quite profitable. Therefore, enterprises also need to take care of their image and the way they are reflected in the eyes of international companies.

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    The Achilles heel of many operators is that they do not have a website or they have an outdated website that simply does not present their activities adequately. Websites of manufacturers with turnovers of hundreds of millions sometimes look less convincing than websites of small and medium businesses and this is the first failure in a long line of online marketing failures.

    When you still want to enjoy growth in the international market, a variety of actions are necessary:

    • Upgrading the factory’s website.
    • Rewriting the content of the factory’s about/services pages.
    • Uploading photo galleries showing the production process.
    • Creating a targeted campaign on Google and LinkedIn.
    • Providing sponsorships or purchasing media on websites.

    We will now explain how these actions affect the growth in the factory’s sales.

    Upgrading a factory website:

    If your website is not optimized for mobile devices (80% of online traffic) or if your website does not look visually modern but it still looks solid, then you want to upgrade the website to the latest standards to ensure that potential customers who visit the website will be convinced that you are a modern and advanced enterprise that is not afraid to move forward.

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      Website content rewriting:

      The about page of the factory is its “CV”. Just as a private person updates their life’s history every year, businesses are required to change and “show off” their successes as well. You should update the factory’s customer list. Also, you should update the list of the factory’s services and detail the most advanced capabilities of the factory while diluting services that are no longer offered or the demand for them is low.

      Photo galleries of what happens at the factory:

      Manufacturing factories are impressive by nature. We have to reflect this on the website by showing different production processes in pictures or on video so that customers can get an impression of the factory’s capabilities even at a distance. That way, potential customers who are in another country will be able to get an impression of what is being done at the factory and positively consider working with you. In some cases, it is even possible to take test cases in which the factory has met a unique goal in extremely short periods of time.

      Marketing the factory website on the Internet:

      After we have a modern website with up-to-date content and images that showcase the factory’s capabilities, the factory can be marketed in search engines (when searching for services that the factory provides) or with the help of a proactive approach to the parties responsible for purchasing in various companies through the business social network, LinkedIn.

      Enterprise marketing is simple compared to standard business marketing since the competition is not too great most of the time, so this is the right time to start marketing aggressively.

      Sponsorships/media purchases about the factory:

      The last part is to increase the positive exposure about the factory (by performing searches on the factory’s name) by granting sponsorships or purchasing PR articles on large websites at relatively low costs. Thus, the image is carefully built around the website and outside of it, and it allows many users to make decisions and move forward in negotiations for production in your factory.

      Who performs all of these actions?

      You have several options for this, you can contact several different companies (construction, content, marketing, PR) or you can contact a website management company such as ours so that they will do all of the operations under our one-stop-shop. But it should be taken into account that all these tactics can only work when an employee on behalf of the factory cooperates and provides the information/photos required for the marketing purposes of your request.