WooCommerce store owners are all familiar with this issue. They get an order in their store, but only after about an hour do they receive an email about it, and sometimes that message ends up in the spam box and they miss it, or God forbid, if there are problems with the website’s mail server – the message about the order never reaches its destination.

It is of great significance that we receive notifications about every new order on the website in real time so that we can handle it immediately and provide optimal service to the customers. There are various solutions to this problem, but the best one was developed very recently, by us.

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    Notifications About Orders in the WooCommerce Store

    Whatโ€™s the first thing you do as soon as you receive an order on the website? Are you going to check if the product is in stock? Do you inform the customer that the order has been received and youโ€™ve started handling it? Maybe you even forward the order to a warehouse/handler?

    It doesn’t really matter what the order of your actions is, everything begins and ends with that same notification of the received order. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s important to receive this message as soon as possible!

    There are 3 types of notifications we would like to receive in real-time:

    1. Notification of an order that was successful/waiting for processing.
    2. Notification of a failed order/waiting for renewal.
    3. Notification of canceled order/waiting for payment.

    In every one of these three alerts, we must act quickly! Any delay in the process will harm the purchase experience and the performance of the store.

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      How to Get a Notification to the Phone in Real-Time?

      First, download our app (WEmanage) for free! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Now, add your website using the usual login details to the website’s admin panel.

      During the next step, you need to plan a strategy for each type of alert:

      Strategy for Handling a Successful Order

      You received an order and confirmation that the money was successfully transferred! Excellent, now you must set up a protocol to ensure customer satisfaction. You must check and verify that everything is in stock, then inform the customer via WhatsApp that you have started handling the order, or even inform the customer that the product has been shipped and is on its way!

      Strategy for Handling a Failed order

      Did you receive an order, but were upset when it failed? These are usually credit problems. The customer received a credit rejection or entered incorrect credit info. Our job is to strike hard at this point and get to the customer to help them complete the purchase successfully because it’s a shame to miss out on a customer who is โ€œripeโ€ – we only have one hour to do this, otherwise – the purchase will go down the drain!

      Strategy for Handling a Canceled Order

      You received an order, and it was canceled – that is, the customer did not even enter their credit information and left the website with their cart full of products. You need to check with them why did they not complete the order and what can help them complete the purchase successfully. In canceled transactions, we have around 1-3 hours to handle it and try to save the purchase!

      In conclusion,

      Itโ€™s all about response time. The app mentioned above will help you do just that. You will, of course, create and manage a strategy for handling each type of alert independently, but the solution to all problems begins with knowing about the problem, and the setting out point. Enjoy!