Many store owners encounter a variety of problems while adding more products to their website after the website has been uploaded by a professional when the main work over the website is finished. Because of that, many Ecommerce websites do not display the full range of products of their store, and that affects the business income.

What are the issues with adding products to a website?

The two most severe problems of online store owners are:

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    1. Inability to upload products to the website independently.
    2. Lack of free time for the work required to upload products.

    There are so many parameters and rules for each and every product that adding a single product to a website can also take several hours for the common person. This is an unreasonable amount of time for a business owner who has to take care of a lot of other ongoing tasks in the physical store or with online purchasing and customer service.

    Moreover, there are so many types of management systems for online stores that it is very difficult to learn how to do it. Thus, store owners from Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, and more are left alone trying to figure out how to add the products and manage the website.

    How do you add products to the website?

    To upload additional products to the website, it is necessary to comply with a series of rules:

    • Scheduling regular hours per week for this purpose.
    • Defining the products through which we expect to earn as much as possible.
    • Defining an orderly schedule for the preferred products in the store
    • Conducting research on how customers search for the products.
    • Lots of patience for hard and stressful work.

    There are young people who would be happy to do this in their free time, but business owners tend to see these rules as too difficult to implement.

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      It is true that anyone can add products to a website after a short apprenticeship, but only a few understand the requirements of search engines and web users and manage to make these products appear in the search results and lead to sales.

      So what should you do? How can you still add the products to your website?

      Here are the ten commandments for adding products to a website:

      1. Prepare a list of the most ordered products before uploading them.
      2. Plan what you want to tell the customer about each and every product.
      3. Make sure the selected images are compelling and will help generate impulsive purchases.
      4. Make sure the product is described accurately and colorfully.
      5. Associate the product with appropriate categories and tags for the product.
      6. Visit competitors’ websites and check which ones look better.
      7. Add an alternative title and description of the product to the search results.
      8. Link ancillary or similar products to the products you’re uploading.
      9. Add benefits and product sales factors.
      10. Share the product in direct email and on social networks.

      Does that sound like a lot of work to you? Well, you are right. This is not an easy task and certainly not for a busy person who’s a business owner.

      To sum it up,

      You must manage your website. Sales depend on the hard work you put in on a daily basis. You must not underestimate your website.

      To achieve good results and sales over the internet, you can either invest the necessary time or invest money every month for the services of a website management company. With us, you will be fully covered for your business needs in the online space. We suggest you’ll contact us, and we will be happy to help!