Many business owners are slowly realizing that the future is at least partly online. The need for online retailing is growing from the ground up and at some point businesses are required to set up an e-commerce website and start offering their wares in a competitive online environment. But, even after an excellent e-commerce website has been built, it is necessary to upload all the products to the website and this is already a difficult and Sisyphean job. How do you do it? Are there services that replace the job of the business owner? This is exactly what we will be explaining in this article.

Adding products to an online store

For website owners, there is nothing more depressing and annoying than uploading products to their website. This is a rather slow and complex task that includes updating a large number of parameters and which requires a huge investment of precious time when you can use that time so much better. To demonstrate, we will briefly present what appears in each and every product:

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    • Product title – name and description of the product being sold.
    • Product image – one or more images of the product being sold.
    • Product description – extended description of the product being sold.
    • Associating the product – associating the product with appropriate categories and tags.
    • Stock for the product – determination of the quantity in stock for the online store.
    • Product price – fixed price and sale price for the product being sold.
    • Shipping cost – determination of shipping price according to weight/shipping destination.
    • And more..

    All of that is even before we implement organic promotion (SEO) on the website and before we interface the website to advertising on Google and Facebook, and a lot of other actions that should be taken.

    How do you upload products to the website with SEO?

    The truth is, that in order to succeed in today’s competitive online world, there is no room for shortcuts (uploading using Excel, copying and pasting, etc..). It is necessary to upload a product manually for optimal visibility and maximum adaptation to the promotion values with which we have chosen to promote the website. In other words, yes. You will have to go product by product even if it is hundreds or even thousands of products and upload them properly to the website. After that, you will be able to manage the products and inventory using an Excel file or other shortcuts, but only after the actual website is set up.

    Is there a service that replaces the business owner?

    We’re sure that you’ll be happy to hear that, yes. It’s possible. Such a service exists and we provide this service as part of our sales site management package, but it is a rather expensive service. When you have a large number of products that need to go online with the proper promotion and in a professional manner, you can contact us or other companies that provide content inputting services to websites that will do it for you.

    Costs of adding products to the website:

    • Uploading products without SEO – $20 per product * the number of products you need.
    • Uploading products with SEO – $40 per product * the number of products you need.

    This is a considerable cost for new website owners. However, this is a one-time cost that will ensure that the website will succeed in bringing in sales in the long term, so it is worthwhile to make the necessary investment. So for example, uploading 50 products will cost you 1,000$ or 2,000$ (if you are interested in SEO) but after that, the website will run on its own and sales will begin to progress rapidly.

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      In conclusion,

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