You know how sometimes you walk into a mall, and all the shop windows show different sales and deals? It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there will always be some kind of sale. Holiday sales, end-of-year sales, Black Friday sales, Cyber ​​Monday, November sales, and much more.

These promotions will almost always have a fairly similar value of 20% discount, no VAT on all products, a second product at a 50% discount – it doesn’t really matter, the offer will almost always range between 15-25% off the original price. Business owners price the products with a higher price in the first place for the purpose of having these promotions.

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    They do “pretend” deals. The customers all know it’s “pretend” deals, and yet everyone likes to feel like they’ve earned a discount. The same goes for the internet – there’s nothing better than a “unique benefit” in the form of a discount coupon!

    CouponManagement in WooCommerce

    If you run a family-owned business or if you’re an influencer, you probably have a great relationship with your customers. One of the best ways to spoil your members is to give them a discount coupon. There are several types of coupons:

    1. A coupon based on a percentage discount over the entire shopping cart.
    2. A coupon based on a discount amount over products or shopping cart.

    Let’s say you advertise a new product on Instagram and you want to invite customers who have purchased from you in the past to purchase again. You will probably want to give them a special discount coupon. The coupon acts on several levels:

    • Generates an urgency to purchase the product at a discounted price.
    • Creates a sense of value for money for the customer while purchasing the product.
    • Produces an excellent measurement tool for you for the effectiveness of the operation.

    But you can also take it one step further! The coupons can be turned into a significant sales generator on your website. All about that, below.

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      Management of Coupons and Promotions From a Mobile App

      The biggest failure of coupons on websites is the low availability for the website owners. In order to generate a discount or sale coupon, the website owner has to go to the computer, go to the marketing area, and only there can they set up the discount coupon.

      The problem is that most of the time, the store owner is not at their computer, and cannot generate a coupon whenever they want to. As a result of that, many don’t make use of this powerful tool as much as they would maybe like to, and they just give up many sales opportunities, and, as a result, don’t make as much money.

      Well, we’ve got great news for you!

      We have developed an app for managing WooCommerce stores for the benefit of our customers, which allows them not only to manage the store from anywhere and any time, but it also allows them to manage the orders and talk to customers in real-time, while also having the ability of conducting live chat conversations with customers who are now at the shopping cart page or on the payment page, while giving them customized coupons in just a few clicks!

      How Does It Work?

      It’s pretty simple. Go to the coupons section in the WEmanage application and select the type of coupon and its conditions, and the coupon is immediately ready to be to posted on social networks or for sending on WhatsApp to customers whom we would be happy to invite for repeat purchases.

      Another option is to chat with our customers while clicking on the “create coupon” icon to duplicate an existing coupon, or create a new coupon that will be sent to them, just for those potential customers that just need a slight nudge to complete the purchase with a sense of satisfaction and victory!

      The Result:

      A lot more sales! You gave the customer attention, service, and along the way you’ve also gifted them with a unique benefit that was created especially for them! Now, imagine how this affected their purchasing experience on the website? Try to imagine how the customer feels at the end of this purchase – will they return for another purchase in the future? Yes – personal treatment leads to a certain increase in the results of the store and this is definitely significant for your users, but also for your own pocket!

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