If you have a WordPress website that uses the WooCommerce plugin to display and sell products, you can rest easy and know that your store is one of the best and easiest to manage. Despite that though, the ongoing management of a WooCommerce website can be quite a nuisance for an active business owner who needs to handle many other things, too. Therefore, we offer a WooCommerce website management service, and you can read about the many benefits of that service in this article.

WooCommerce Website Management Service

There are quite a few types of management systems for online stores. Some of them are dedicated to building virtual stores and others utilize existing systems in favor of their new purpose. Unlike the Magento or Shopify system, the WooCommerce system was created as an additional layer on top of the WordPress content management system. This is how a powerful store management system like no other was created.

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    Unlike other systems that require customized system plugins, the WooCommerce system supports most of the plugins created for WordPress, and as such, it allows us a great deal of flexibility and gives us opportunities that no other system can give us. But, alongside the advantages of the WooCommerce system, it also has quite a few disadvantages which are reflected in the ongoing management of the website.

    Among other things, it takes quite a bit of time to upload each product (certainly when it comes to complex products or products with variations) and business owners simply don’t have the time to sit down and upload the new products, manage the existing inventory, delete the old products or those whose inventory has run out.

    For that very reason, we offer management services for WooCommerce websites!

    What Is Included in the WooCommerce Website Management Service?

    Website management services in general and WordPress website management in particular are customized for each and every business. That is, we will adjust the service on its various components to each website according to its true needs, so that you as customers pay only for the service that you require.

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      Service components:

      • Management of textual content – management of pages, articles, blogs, and more.
      • Product and inventory management – adding, editing, removing, and ongoing management of products on the website.
      • E-commerce website marketing management – managing the entire marketing procedure of the various platforms.
      • Management of inquiries received on the website – management of text and call inquiries from buyers on the website.

      You can read about these services in the following links:

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      How Much Do WordPress Website Management Services Cost?

      As previously mentioned, management services for WordPress websites are calculated differently for each e-commerce website. The price is a derivative of the following components:

      • Number of content updates per month.
      • Number of new products per month.
      • Number of inquiries received per month.
      • The nature of the SLA agreement.

      But for those who still want a general price range, managing an e-commerce website will range between $1,500 for a small website to $10,000 for a large website. Most of our clients pay about $2,200 per month for the services that they require. But, since the service can be completely customizable, we recommend that you call us for a cost estimate for your unique website, free of charge, and without any obligation.

      In conclusion,

      If you feel that you no longer have the time to manage the website, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to get a quote and you can start thinking about how you’ll use your now freed time every month for your business activities you’re actually good at now that we’ll do all the hard work over the website for you. Contact us using the form below, or call us, and we will be happy to advise you!