Managing an online store requires a lot of attention to detail. One of the most important details is how to upload photos to the online store. This is mainly because many online stores have hundreds or even thousands of products that need to compete with the other online stores, and we want to have every possible advantage in this competition against them. In this article, we will discuss the preparation and uploading of images to stores.

Uploading images to the online store

When a user visits your online store, there are only 2 parameters that will determine if they will purchase an item – product image, and product price. Everything else does add a bit to the equation but does not determine whether the user will converse into a buyer.

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    Even though you don’t have full control over the price, you still have to make a profit. You should invest quite a bit in the product images.

    Listed here are the stages of uploading images to the online store:

    1. Selecting an image/photographing the product.
    2. Sizing/optimizing the product images.
    3. Uploading the images to the online store.
    4. Adding an alternative ALT value to the images.
    5. Associating images with products.

    We will now list the required steps in an orderly manner.

    Choosing or taking product photos for the store

    Since when we’re using the web, we have only one sense, of eyesight, we have to invest a lot in each and every image we upload. We will do this while thinking about our customers and adhere to a series of rules:

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      • Shooting the product from different angles.
      • A sharp and clear photograph of the product.
      • Shooting from a height and a uniform distance.

      It is important to make sure that the product is in the center of the image and that the product components can be clearly seen both from the front, the back, and a side angle. We do this so that users can understand exactly what they are purchasing.

      Sizing and optimization before uploading an image to the online store

      Even when the pictures are great there is still work to be done. In the first step, we will have to do some image optimization. We will make sure to remove backgrounds or reflections around the product so that the background of the product is completely white and will allow the product to stand out.

      After that, we will load the images to a sizing program that knows how to optimize up to 90% of the size of the image without disrupting the user experience. This is to ensure quick loading of the image on the category pages and product pages even if a user is on a slow device (cell phones or poor reception areas).


      Every image that a user sees on the screen is actually downloaded to their computer. Therefore, we want the download weight to be as low as possible.

      Uploading product images to the online store

      This action is standard. We will take the ready-to-use images and change the file name to one that corresponds clearly with the specific product, and after that, we can upload them directly to the media library of the online store.

      If you have followed the actions properly, most online store management systems allow multiple uploads of images so that all the images can be uploaded in just one action.

      Adding an alternative value to the product images

      Since search engines don’t have eyes. We have to describe to them what is previewed in the images we post to the online store. Therefore, we will take the time to add a short alternative description for each and every photo. This description will also be used in cases where the image did not load so that users can know what image was supposed to be there.

      Associating the images with the products in the store

      Finally, we’ll associate the images with actual products and start seeing actual sales.