Most website owners manage their websites on their own. Or so they believe… In practice, the vast majority of websites are not managed at all, and no changes are made to them for long periods of time. This is because their owners are busy with day-to-day hassles and cannot invest the time or manpower to maintain and operate the website. The question is, what should you do about it?

In this article, we review the various options and help you choose the method preferred by you.

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    Independent Website Management vs Website Management by a Company

    Websites are similar in their characteristics to physical stores on the main street. There are stores whose storefronts are frequently updated and draw in many customers every day, and there are stores whose storefronts do not invite people to come shop, so the number of customers going in is low. Just as physical stores require ongoing management to be successful, websites require ongoing management to be successful, too!

    After you fully understand what this means, you can choose either to manage the website on your own or to manage it with the help of a website management company that specializes in doing so.

    Here is an explanation of the two options:

    Independent Website Management:

    The default for business owners who own a website is to manage the website on their own.

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      • Advantages of managing independently:
        • No cost!
        • In-depth knowledge of the business.
        • Deal with customers directly.
      • Disadvantages of independent management:
        • No time!
        • Lack of technological knowledge.
        • Content not necessarily adapted perfectly to the internet.

      Despite the obvious advantages that tempt most website owners, the disadvantages are very significant and a technological or time barrier is a barrier that is very difficult to cross and can cause the website to not be managed at all due to the desperation of the website owners who did not undergo regular and professional training over the website after receiving it from a developer.

      Website Management by a Company:

      Large companies, institutional entities and business owners who understand the meaning of a managed and updated website tend to hire website content management services and even overall website management depending on the nature of the business activity.

      • Advantages of being managed by a company:
        • Professional management and constant updating.
        • Peace of mind and less headache.
        • Getting better results from the website.
      • Disadvantages of being managed by a company:
        • It is necessary to update the company on what’s going on once in a while.
        • Management services cost money.

      The main barrier for business owners in switching to website management services through a professional company specializing in doing so is, of course, the cost of the service. Website management services cost money and not everyone likes the idea of ​​an additional monthly expense. In practice, this is a cost that in many cases is so small, that it’s a shame not to spend what you should and get an up-to-date website that brings better results and profits.

      So, What is Better for Me?

      The answer is quite simple:

      If you have a business, and you have the technical skills and the time required to manage the website on your own – keep going at it by yourself!

      If you have a business and you don’t really know how to operate a website or rather you don’t have the time for it – hire a website management company!

      In conclusion,

      Website management services don’t cost that much money. Managing image websites costs several hundred $ every month. Managing e-commerce websites cost somewhere between a few hundred $ to thousands $ every month. Most websites are in the category of image websites, so the costs are quite low. Contact us for a consultation and get a price estimation for managing your website, without any obligations!