One of the most important questions to ask when you want to manage a website with the help of an external company is: How much will it cost me?! Website management costs will determine for you whether you will hire external management services or continue to grit your teeth and continue managing the website yourself. In this article, we review the types of website management and the costs we pay for them.

Website Management Costs

There are two types of customers requiring website management services:

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    1. Companies and governmental / professional offices.
    2. Private customers who lack the technical skills of managing it on their own.

    Small customers are, by nature, limited in their ability to pay for website management services, but at the same time, they also require fairly minimal services. Large clients and government entities require more complex and intensive management services, but they also have the ability to spend the required amounts to outsource the management of the website.

    Types of Website Management:

    There are four types of website management. Each type of website management has its advantages and disadvantages, and we strongly recommend that you hire management services that include all types in one.

    • Website content management – content management – text, audio, video, and images displayed on the website.
    • Management of inquiries – management and response to all telephone and email inquiries submitted through the website.
    • Website system management – management and maintenance of a website system and its various components.
    • Website promotion management – managing online advertising procedures and organic traffic promotion.

    If you got a private company or professional acting as a webmaster, then it’s recommended to check they will indeed be able to perform the various types of management well.

    How to Provide Website Management Services:

    Website management services are often awarded based on a service agreement (SLA). A service agreement includes an exact breakdown of all services provided as part of the contract, as well as the contact details and the manner in which a request is submitted for each and every change on the website. As part of a service agreement, the provider of management services undertakes to meet deadlines for handling a variety of problems and demands from the customer according to their level of urgency and significance for the business or the customer.

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      Website management services will usually be provided under the condition that the website administrator will indeed receive all the details and access in order to manage the website effectively and correctly. In some cases, service agreements for website management include working in a development beta, getting it approved and only then is it published to the general public.

      Website Management Costs

      Now we’ve reached the main and most important topic in this article – website management costs!

      The cost of website management services is a derivative of the type of work requested and the hours of work required of the website manager. If there are any professional components in the service, such as managing an advertising campaign or organic promotion, the costs of managing the website increase according to the level of professionalism required.

      Ongoing website management costs:

      • Cost of managing a small website – $1800 per month.
      • Cost of managing a medium website – $2200 per month.
      • Cost of managing a large website – $2,500 per month.
      • Additional cost for website promotion – $1000 per month.
      • Additional cost for customer service – $1000 per month.
      • Additional cost for website development – $2,000 per month.

      The prices for managing a website are determined by the hours the professional must spend working on your requests. Therefore, the larger the website, the higher the price. If additional work is required, such as website promotion or website development, additional billable hours are required and therefore the price increases.

      If we are interested in an all-inclusive service, the costs will be as follows:

      • Cost of managing a small website – $2,500 per month.
      • Cost of managing a medium website – $3,500 per month.
      • Cost of managing a large website – $5,500 per month.
      In conclusion,

      The feasibility of managing a website by an external party should be determined by you, and you alone. If you need many billable hours each month to meet the website’s requirements, it is better to contact a professional. On the other hand, if you require just a bit of work and you have the technical ability to handle the website, then you can save that expense. If you’re interested in website management services, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!