There are two types of ways to promote a website in the search results, one is through the website itself and the other with the help of creating external indications to the website. Many ask themselves, which of those two is better? Well, the answer is complex and requires a little patience, but by the end of this article we guarantee you would know the answer.

On-site SEO <VS> Off-site SEO

Many people like to sit around and discuss the best methods for promoting a website in 2023. Since no one really knows what Google’s algorithm is and certainly does not know what the future holds, these discussions should only be based on solid data concluded from past results.

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    External Website SEO:

    Most website promoters work with a method of SEO based on incoming links. What this method essentially means is creating relevant links to a website, causing Google to conclude that this website is more relevant for a specific search than other websites. This method has been proven to be working over the years, but recently more and more web promoters started to feel that something about it is now longer functioning as it should.

    In practice, things have started to change for some time now. With the development of social networks, the link sources began to decrease and thus blogs, forums, and open chats, which were once an excellent source for sharing organic and quality information as well as outgoing links are disappearing in favor of activity on social networks. As a result, most of the better quality links today are proactively created by establishing blog networks (PBN) that were originally intended for SEO purposes.

    The problem with these types of blog networks is that Google recognizes them quickly, and basically makes the links in them irrelevant. How does it do it? These blog networks generate a large number of links that are not viewed as organically, and this is because they have a much higher link ratio than the average websites and blogs.

    In this current state, it is not certain that the best way to promote a website is with the help of inbound links to the website, and therefore, the priority between the external promotion of the website and the promotion within the website itself must be reconsidered:

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      Internal Website SEO:

      Website promotion within the website itself requires a great deal of attention to the smallest details. More importantly, high-quality and relevant content has to be created especially for the users who will visit the website. We believe that this is the best method to promote a website nowadays, but it is a method that requires a great effort in the following areas:

      • Creating a content hierarchy on the website.
      • Improving the user experience on the website.
      • Accelerating and optimizing the website speed.
      • Creation of quality and relevant content for the website.
      • Improving conversion rates on the website.

      In order to successfully promote a website based only on the high-quality content that appears on it, it’s necessary to create a lot of quality content in response to what users are searching for. That is, by creating an accurate answer to the needs of the users, we show Google an indication that we have high value for the users, and thus we rise higher and higher in the search results. The essential disadvantage of this method is that quite a bit of patience is required until the search engines recognize this value and give us the much-desired credit.

      What we should try to do is this:

      • Efficient and accurate response to the users’ searches.
      • Professional treatment of the users’ needs.
      • Ending the search process on the users’ end.

      If we manage to show the search engines that a user has ended the search process on our website, the search engine will conclude that we are the best answer for the users and direct more traffic to us. If a user enters the website and leaves it to continue searching, the search engines will rightly assume that the answer cannot be found there, and other websites will be prioritized.

      In conclusion,

      Do you want professional and reliable web promotion that truly generates value? Consider taking a service provider that provides both sides of the promotion. That is, a promoter who will manage the website for you based on Google’s guidelines, and at the same time, will build precise links for you sparingly. As part of the website management services we offer, we make every effort to provide the full range of organic promotion along with the other values ​​required for businesses and we will be happy to help you, too!