There is a stage during the life cycle of a website when you realize that to grow and/or improve, you need to switch to a better website system. But unfortunately, transferring using just one click of a button does not exist, and we have to do a lot of work of exporting and importing or copying and pasting according to the nature of the two systems and their capabilities. In this article, we will try to help you understand when should you switch your content management systems, how long does the transfer might take and what are the costs involved.

Transferring Website Content

When we talk about switching between different two content management systems, we usually refer to very specific types of transitions:

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    • Transferring from a closed-source content management system to an open-sourced one.
    • Transferring from a system with limited options to an adaptable system.

    Switching content management systems is usually required when the management costs become too high for their value and capabilities, leaving the business owner running the website far behind their competition. In that case, the website owner has no other choice but to invest more money and allocate resources to move to a better system that is more suitable for their needs, so that the business can grow and and become successful online.

    Below are some examples of website transitions of commonly used systems:

    • Transferring content between sitesTransition from a closed-source system to an open-source system:
      • Switching from BigCommerce to WordPress/WooCommerce.
      • Switching from Salesforce to WordPress/WooCommerce.
      • Switching from Wix to WordPress/WooCommerce.
      • Switching from Tool to WordPress.
    • Transition from a system with limited options to an adaptable system:
      • Switching from Joomla to WordPress.
      • Switching from Joomla to Typo3.
      • Switching from Drupal to WordPress.
      • Switching from Shopify to WordPress/Magento.
      • Switching from WordPress/WooCommerce to Magento.

    If you find your desired change in this list, know that you are not alone and that many business owners turn to us for assistance in these matters.

    How Long Does It Take to Transfer a Website From One System to Another?

    When considering moving a website to another system, one must consider that this is a process that requires a lot of caution and therefore also quite a bit of time. We have listed the tasks required for a system transfer on an average website, and the estimated time for a person to perform each task:

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      • Mapping the website – 2 hours.
      • Downloading the content – depends on the number of content/products.
      • Downloading the files – 2 hours.
      • Re-organizing the contents – 4 hours.
      • Arranging the categories and tags – 4 hours.
      • Creating a file of 301 references – 6 hours.
      • Managing the full registration of values manually – 2 hours.
      • Preparing the categories and tags on the new website – 4 hours.
      • Uploading the files to the new website – 2 hours.
      • Uploading the contents to the new website – depends on the number of content/products.
      • Organizing the content on the new website – 4 hours.
      • Creating a file of references on the new website – 2 hours.
      • Finish.

      As you can see, it will take about 30 hours of work (or more) to transfer the contents manually and accurately from one image site to another. That’s because we have to maintain the locations and organizational values of the website before we can even begin the transfer, and that’s why we must focus on working precisely while maintaining and/or improving the user experience while also maintaining the readability of the content for search engines.

      Since transferring a website to another system often requires a change in the structure of the links on the website, we must perform additional actions to ensure that the users continue to reach the correct pages and be exposed to the relevant content to which they have already become accustomed. When it’s an online store, it is necessary to do this for each and every product according to the needs of the business.

      How Much Does it Cost to Transfer a Website?

      Transferring a website requires two sets of skill, the first one is the skills required to work with the current system and the second one is for the new system. That is, the professional you choose to work with must master the various systems and at a fairly high level. So basically, you need a professional webmaster who knows how to carry out the transfer in the best way.

      Besides the level of professionalism of the person performing the transition itself, as you’ve probably understood, it is a job that takes a long time and is difficult to carry out in one go. As such, there aren’t many companies that are excited for the opportunity to perform website migrations for you. But of course, website management or content inputting companies will certainly be happy to take the job.


      • Cost of transferring the content of an image website: $3,000-$5,000.
      • Cost of transferring the content of a service website: $4,000-8,000.
      • Cost of transferring products of an e-commerce website: $7,000-40,000.

      The costs are a derivative of the type of systems the client requests, the number of pages/products that must be transferred from the old website to the new one, and of course, the level of urgency. The more the system is easy to use, the lower the amount of content is, the lower the urgency is – the lower the price will be.

      In conclusion,

      It is difficult to estimate the costs of transferring a website without understanding the intricacies required for it. If you are considering, or have already decided, to switch from one system to another – contact us for advice and a personalized quote that will include everything you need and more, so that you maintain your performance and positions in the search results.