From time to time we receive a phone call from someone who’s interested in trying to understand what is “outsourced webmaster”. What does it mean, and is that what he’s looking for.

Therefore, we assume that many others also have questions regarding this topic and we are happy to write a bit about the difference between an in-house webmaster and an outsourced webmaster.

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    Outsourced Webmaster

    Is the website in its infancy but starting to generate revenue? Do you feel that dealing with the website is slowly turning into a more and more difficult task due to lack of time and ability? You are probably facing a dilemma. On the one hand, it is already becoming too much for you and you no longer have the ability to deal with everything else in your business, plus the website. On the other hand, the website still doesn’t necessarily bring in enough money to justify hiring an additional full-time professional employee just for this purpose.

    Outsourcing services were created exactly for owners of businesses just like this case. You don’t need to employ a salaried worker, and that way you also don’t have to empty your pocket for having a full-time employee with all their social rights, and that way, it’s possible to maintain a sensible cost/benefit ratio in the medium-to-long term.

    What exactly is an outsourced webmaster?

    An outsourced webmaster is a professional employee who oversees your website just like an employee who is available to accept any instruction (just like a full-fledged employee), but in practice, they’re not a company employee – but an external employee.

    An outsourced webmaster often serves several clients at the same time and everyone of them views the webmaster as their own employee. The webmaster’s role is to do everything that is requested of them through the professional service, and to do so immediately, as if they were your own employee who’s sitting around waiting for your instructions.

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      Although this employee provides service to a number of clients, the professional knowledge and technical support they receives allows them to provide clients with almost the same value as a full-time employee. Thus, any problem that requires the intervention of a marketing person or the intervention of a programmer, is managed by them but is done by the support team at the website management company. Also, when an outsourced employee goes on vacation or needs a sick day, there are always webmasters who will step into their shoes and continue serving you as usual until your webmaster will return.

      Is outsourcing a website manager a good idea?

      Usually, it is. Most businesses do not require a full-time or even part-time employee. Even when there is a need for a webmaster on a larger scale, sometimes there is no one to manage them and make sure that the work is done as it is needed.

      There are cases where we, as a website management company, are hired to connect an outsourced webmaster who will step up and accompany the existing webmaster and ensure that the work is done properly.

      Therefore, unless you employ the webmaster with additional work such as back-office, warehouse management, shipping operations and a host of other positions related to the website, it is better to hire an external webmaster than to have an additional employee with all the social benefits they are entitled to by law!