If you run a company specializing in digital marketing, you probably know that there is never a 100% success rate. Even if you’re amazing at it, it’s very possible that you will direct many relevant users to the website, but if the website invokes insecurity or if the products/services are offered at incorrect prices, then your professionalism will not really pay up. And this is annoying because from the customer’s point of view, there is no room for excuses.

White Label website management

A marketing company, no matter how good it is, should not bother with the technical side of the website. In quite a few cases, the marketing company even prefers not to rely on the website in the first place and would rather prefer creating landing pages that will allow the marketing company to control the way presentation of the sale to the visitors of the page.

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    But not every website can create landing pages. For example, on e-commerce websites or websites that present many services, this won’t work well because the number of products/services has a significant part in the sales process.

    When marketing isn’t working smoothly, when the traffic is good and the performance is optimal, but in practice, there are no sales or inquiries on the site – that’s when it’s time to consider receiving assistance from professionals who specialize in the operational side of the website – a site management company.

    So, what essentially is website management to marketing companies?

    The website management company joins in both as an external party (third party), when the website owner pays them directly for the service, or as a subcontractor (white label) under the marketing company. When a permanent webmaster oversees a website, one of the first things they will do is to implement a tracking tool to analyze performance on the website and by doing that, know what actions are required to make the website work better.

    When the website management company joins the operation, the webmaster will execute the following actions:

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      1. The webmaster will make sure that the website is working properly (no programming errors).
      2. The webmaster will make sure that the website works fast and as it should (no server problems).
      3. The webmaster will make sure that the products are priced up to date and according to the market.
      4. The webmaster will often improve the traffic funnel within the website itself.
      5. The webmaster will make further implementations and improvements on the go.

      And of course, many other additional actions such as editing the content of the products/services and adding additional products and services, all to increase the website’s chance of generating significant income for the business owner.

      As a result of the work of the webmaster, who, on occasion, also performs the SEO for the website, the performance of the website increases and therefore the performance of the campaigns increases as well. Furthermore, when the website works properly and transmits accurate information about transactions, the performance can be improved even more by advanced data synchronization, and thus reverse the trend and guarantee the client without any sight of bright future, a promising outlook in e-commerce.

      How does the collaboration work for marketing companies?

      Honestly, it’s quite simple. There are companies that have been working with us for years that assign us an email with their company details, and we serve their customers under their existing brand. In these cases, the marketing company is the one that pays us for the service and, of course, the more websites they have us manage, the more affordable and economical the prices tend to be.

      On the other hand, there are other companies that do not want to sponsor an external company, and, in these cases, we function as a separate company under our brand and establish a WhatsApp group together (client + marketing company + management company) to create an effective dialogue and streamline the processes faster.

      When the client comes through a strategic partnership, we pay a commission to the partner (the marketing/advertising company) for that client every month. So, no matter how you look at it, our partners have a better time!

      In conclusion,

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