It’s often that we have a talk with our customers about product management in their store. They come to us exhausted and feeling like they are missing out since they invest a lot of time and effort in uploading products to their online store and in marketing them, but the purchase stats are still quite low. Those store owners come to us with just one request: manage the store products properly. What is the difference between us and them? How significant is our work? Why should you contact us? You can read all about that and more right in this article.

Website Product Management

Online stores need a lot of users’ visits in order to sell products. To get all those users, store owners can choose one of the following options:

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    1. Organic promotion – promoting the business organically in search engines and on social networks.
    2. Sponsored promotion – paying for promoting the business in search engines and on social networks.
    3. Collaborations – contracting with referral websites such as PriceGrabber and

    These three options are complex and cost a lot of money. Therefore, when we upload products to the website, it’s important to make sure they look perfect and contain all the information that the user is looking for so that they can make the right decision and purchase from your shop!

    Let’s talk about the subject a bit more:

    Products in an e-commerce website will include 10 essential parameters:

    1. Product’s name.
    2. Product images.
    3. Short description of the product.
    4. Long description of the product.
    5. SKU for the product.
    6. Product categories.
    7. Product tags.
    8. Product’s price.
    9. Product shipping costs.
    10. Product inventory.

    These parameters must be professionally edited for each and every product. Thus, the name must be accurate and match the product. The images should be of high quality and varied of the product, the descriptions should be correct and accurate about the product, and the association with categories and tags helps to locate and find the product and this is just as important as the product details and of course, finally, we have the costs for purchasing and shipping the product which must be transparent and suitable for the price range in the market.

    What Is the Difference Between Managing Products Independently and Having a Company Manage Them for You?

    When a store owner who doesn’t understand the internet well enough decides to edit a product on their own, they will usually duplicate the existing product, edit the minimum amount of details as possible, and re-publish the product to the general public. That is, the product will usually not include essential keywords, necessary descriptions, or those phrases that help convince buyers to make a purchase – they probably won’t find the product in the first place, so there’s no chance of them purchasing it.

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      When we edit products on e-commerce websites for our customers, we create each product separately while adding all the required parameters, and without taking any shortcuts. This way, the best users will find your product in the search engines, and that way, the users will be convinced that they have indeed found a reliable and professional supplier from whom they can purchase – and by that, we can assure that they won’t keep searching for it elsewhere and purchase the product from you immediately.

      Why Should You Hire Product Management Services for Your Website?

      Apart from the obvious advantages of that professional and accurate editing for online purposes that we have presented above, the distinct advantage of product management services for online stores is the fact that you save precious time that can be used to deal with other issues that can be even more important for your business. A task that takes you a full hour of work, takes us 20 minutes. Therefore, the value of your time if you do this isn’t worth as much, and you should probably be outsourcing it.

      With all the time you will be saving if you’re not constantly managing the website, you can improve the customer service by taking care of every purchase quickly, along with maintaining contact with your buyers and making sure they are satisfied. That way, you turn a satisfied one-time customer into a loyal customer who will come back to purchase specifically from you, since this is where they get the best service.

      How Much Do Product Management Services for an E-commerce Website Cost?

      The costs of managing online products are determined according to the nature of the website and the frequency of its changes. There are systems that are easy to operate and therefore are cheaper to manage, and others that are complex and require more time and therefore are more expensive to manage. Additionally, we must check the frequency of product changes in the store:

      • Price changes
      • Inventory changes
      • Products changes

      The higher the change frequency is, the higher the prices will usually be.

      The average price range for an online store:

      • 1,500-2,000$ per month.
      In conclusion,

      Do you have an online store? Don’t you have the time or the right skills to manage the products in your store by yourself? Leave the work to the professionals who know how to bring in more sales as well! Contact us, and we will tailor a unique package for you and your online store’s needs – consult us for free and without any obligation!