Small businesses that own an image website are required to update their websites quite rarely. Moreover, the nature of the changes does not require a lot of effort and the website owner or the website manager does it very easily. On the other hand, managing the website content of large companies or public institutions requires frequent updating of the content, sometimes even on a daily basis, and we offer this service to our customers.

Content Management for Websites on a Daily Basis

The service for website management on a daily basis for large companies and institutions is unique to WEmanage. This is a service that allows you to transfer the full responsibility to an external outsourced party. For the purpose of the service, we make an employee available to each company, who is obliged to take care of the customer on a daily basis and report directly to the marketing managers in the various companies for which he is responsible.

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    As part of the service, an employee of our company will be available to the company or institution based on a binding SLA agreement, and will provide you with the following services:

    1. Website content management for your company.
    2. Marketing management for your company.
    3. Managing the company’s online presence.
    4. Management of website referrals.
    5. And more…

    According to the nature of the agreement between the parties, the processing of requests from the customers has transferred via email and the work starts immediately upon receiving the request, the goal of each employee being – to meet a deadline of fewer than 4 hours from the moment of the requests’ received to sending a report about the tasks’ completion.

    How Much Do Website Management Services on a Daily Basis Cost?

    Website management services are usually not too expensive (500-1,000$). However, standard services are not enough for large entities that are entrusted to update the public with relevant and up-to-date information. Instead, when a company hires our services for frequent updates of the website – we begin a trial period of two months for a certain agreed-upon payment. That way, the company can have an impression of our service, and we can have an impression of the expected requirements and type of work.

    That is, the cost of managing a website on a daily basis will be determined individually according to the entity that hires our service. However, it can be generally said that these costs are lower than hiring an employee (because of their social benefits and the hidden unemployment). But nevertheless, we will describe the estimated price ranges:

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      • Website management for one hour a day – 2,000$ per month.
      • Website management 3 hours a day – 6,000$ per month.
      • Website management 6 hours a day – rare, 10,000$ per month.
      • Website management 9 hours a day – very rare, 14,000$ per month.

      If you calculate the hours required of you in order to manage the website, you can more or less see which package would suit you.

      In conclusion,

      Are you a marketing manager for a large company? Or a marketing manager of a government office? Maybe you’re a marketing manager of a local authority? You surely want to take a little of the burden off of you, without relying on other employees from within the organization who do their work negligently and utterly slow. Contact us for a personalized quote and we will provide you with a quick response anytime and anywhere so that you can achieve much better results from your website, and, of course – compliments from your managers!