According to the statistics, only about 80% of the users who have added a product to their cart will actually complete a purchase! Why? There are a variety of reasons for abandoning an online purchase (trust, cold feet, last-minute change of mind). We don’t have any way to save transactions that have been abandoned in the shopping cart since we don’t have any information about the customer. On the other hand, if the user has already reached the payment page and filled in some of the details such as name, email, etc., we will be able to identify it as a lost transaction and try to save it.

How to Save Lost Transactions in an Online Store

We all want to increase sales in the online store. Paying for bringing in more customers to our website is an expensive and complex issue, but saving customers who have already visited the website and even started a purchase process, is a completely different story.

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    Let’s start with a short guide about the types of lost transactions:

    1. Failed transaction – the customer entered a credit card but was refused by the issuer.
    2. A canceled transaction – the customer reached the credit entry screen but did not fill in any details.

    These two types of lost transactions are critical for us, since those are buyers who are very interested in our products and have already started the purchase process. But, we have an extremely short time frame to save them.

    What is it like? It’s like a person who loaded up a cart at the supermarket, and upon arriving at the checkout, has decided last minute to cancel the purchase, or they have tried to purchase the items but have received a refusal from their bank. If we ask them to come back the next day, they just won’t. On the other hand, if we contact them immediately and help them complete the purchase, then we have a very reasonable chance of saving the deal!

    How Do You Save Lost Transactions in Practice?

    To save a lost transaction, we must know about the transaction failure in real-time when it happens, therefore – automation and mailing tools will not work well (sometimes it can take hours to get a message and they might not even notice it). We need to be alerted in real-time, with the operative ability to act quickly!

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      If you have a WooCommerce-based online store, you can download the WeManage app from the app stores by simply searching for “WeManage” or go to the app’s website using this link to register and download the app and add your store or stores to the interface.

      What will happen from this moment on?

      Every time a transaction on the website is completed successfully/failed/canceled you will receive a notification in real-time to your mobile device. The notification will allow you to know within a few seconds from the time of the successful or unsuccessful purchase, and to act accordingly.

      If you see that the transaction status is failed/canceled – you must go into the order details, and click on the contact the customer button on WhatsApp to start a quick live conversation with them. The conversation will open with the website details, the customer details, and the order number and its status. That way, in a matter of seconds, and wherever you are, you can ask the customer how you can help them complete their purchase.

      From the company’s customer data, up to 80% of lost transactions can be saved this way. It’s quite simple and easy!

      That’s it, it’s that simple. The service is free and does not include any hidden terms, so we can only wish you good luck, and we’ll appreciate reviews about this app later 🙂