A website is not a create-and-forget kind of thing. To stay relevant and up-to-date, it’s necessary to hire website maintenance services. In this article, we will discuss website maintenance service costs and what do they include, so that you can choose the best service for you.

Website Maintenance

Not too long ago, websites were only built based on code. That is, websites were based on several HTML pages and contained a contact form in PHP. Over the years, the internet has developed, and with it the expectation of the customers for more services and pages and a wide number of content management systems were founded. Unlike code-only websites that do not need ongoing maintenance, websites based on content management systems, templates, and plugins, require frequent updates and ongoing maintenance work to stay relevant and function properly.

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    One of the main reasons that proactive work is needed to perform website maintenance is the fact that some of the components on the websites are based on code external to the website (bootstrap, font awesome, etc.). So if there is no more support for the code in question or if there is no code version compatibility, then the website will not function properly.

    After understanding why we need website maintenance, we can move on to the questions previously presented right here in the title of this article:

    1. What do website maintenance services include?
    2. How much does it cost to maintain a website?

    So, let’s dive into the details.

    What do Website Maintenance services include?

    Website maintenance services vary between the websites and systems, but there are components that exist under all systems, and are usually included in a website maintenance service package:

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      1. Ongoing maintenance of the website system.
      2. Ongoing maintenance of the website design template.
      3. Ongoing maintenance for the website plugins.

      It is essential that your website components are kept up-to-date, otherwise, the communication between the various components on the website will not work properly and can cause serious problems in the future. Therefore, when updating a system, we must update all of the additional components. When updating a template, check that the various plugins are working well and update or replace them if necessary, according to the updated template’s requirements or limitations.

      How Much does it Cost to Maintain a Website?

      The cost of maintaining a website varies depending on the content management system, the nature of the service and of course the level of professionalism of the service provider. Website maintenance often includes unexpected events (formation of incompatibility between components on the website) and in these cases many billable hours are required to locate the problem and fix it.

      Website maintenance price list:

      • Image website maintenance – 300-700 dollars per month.
      • Services website maintenance – 500-800 dollars per month.
      • E-commerce website maintenance – 500-1,000 dollars per month.
      • Community website maintenance – 500-1,500 dollars per month.

      These costs are affected by the website’s content management system. For example, a website based on the WordPress system will be cheaper to maintain than a website based on the Magento system, and so on. The price of website maintenance services will be more or less expensive depending on the type of service you requeste. Some customers want maintenance that includes updating components and changing components on the website from time to time, while others just want basic maintenance that only include keeping the website up-to-date and ongoing actions. You are welcome to contact us to get an advice about the type of service you require.

      In conclusion,

      If you have a website and you don’t have a permanent website manager (webmaster) who takes care of upgrades and ongoing maintenance, it is very important that you hire website maintenance services on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These services are not that expensive and will save you the need to create a brand new website in a few years. Want us to check out your website? Do you want us to perform maintenance work on your website for you? Leave us your contact information and we will get back to you soon!