Own a Magento website? Having trouble with its ongoing management? Management service for Magento websites is just what you need! But, how do you choose a management service provider that will meet your goals and manage the virtual store for you properly? Well, the way to filter among the companies that provide this service is through an arranged agreement called SLA for Magento, and this is what this article is about.

SLA for Magento

When we purchase a product off the shelf, we already know what we’ll probably receive and there is not much room for good or bad surprises. When we purchase an ongoing service such as website management, we are actually purchasing a product whose true value we don’t truly know, since the value of the service is a derivative of the professionalism of the website manager.

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    When we have an active virtual store that is accessed by a large number of users every day, there is no room for bad surprises or basic mistakes that harm our customers’ experience. Therefore, we must find a professional service provider who knows how to meet our standards and meet our expectations at every stage in the endless race in online sales.

    To avoid errors and misunderstandings, we use the SLA document for Magento:

    What is SLA for Magento?

    SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. That is, the SLA document is a binding agreement on which the parties agree, and it determines the quality of service, the level of service, the speed of service, and other definitions that allow the parties to understand what to expect from the continuous and professional service of the professionals.

    The Magento system came out with a new and special version called Magento 2 and it should provide some relief to the development and management people who were required to manage a heavy and logically complex system both in development and in operation. In practice, whether you use the Magento 1 system or the Magento 2 system, you probably invest a lot of time in the ongoing management of the website and therefore website management services are most definitely something you consider.

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      SLA for Magento is therefore an “agreement for the provision of management services for Magento websites”. A binding agreement in which the website management company undertakes to handle every request and every content update within reasonable time frames and in a good manner. This agreement relates to the price offer, and based on that agreement, the customers (you!) can know what service to expect and make informed decisions on those matters.

      Should I Get Management Services for My Magento-Based Website?

      Based on the service agreement, your schedule, and the price quote you will receive for the service, it is very easy to make a decision for or against hiring a website management company to manage your Magento website. That’s thanks to our ability to estimate how much time we spend on our website, and then we can tell if the company that gave us an offer is going to give us a worthy service that will answer all our needs.

      In conclusion,

      Looking to take some of the burdens of managing the website? Are you interested in having professionals replace you in the content management position in Magento? You have come to the right place. We will be happy to talk to you, understand what you need and build a personalized quote for your requirements. This way, you will know that you are getting the full value for your money. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!