Is the content on your website well organized? Can your users navigate the website easily? In most websites, there is no real order, and because of that, the users don’t really know how to navigate it. But does the organization of the content on the website have any meaning? Does the arrangement of the contents on the website have significant relevance to the website’s effectiveness? In this article, we’ll talk about all these issues, and more.

Website Content Arrangement

Are you aware that retail stores calculate each placement of each shelf according to the profitability that the shelf generates for them? You probably didn’t. Food chains and department store chains learn over the years that there are products that are in higher demand and products that are in lower demand, and that there are more profitable products and less profitable products, while the purpose of the chains is to make us purchase the more profitable and sometimes unnecessary products, while we’re trying to purchase the necessary but unprofitable products.

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    For this reason, we find bread, milk, and other regulated (and unprofitable) products at the end of the store, so we’ll have to pass countless tempting shelves on our way to get them. For this reason, the shelves at the eye level of adults will be filled with tempting products for adults, and the shelves at the children’s eye level will be full of sweets and a wide variety of tasty and expensive products.

    What Does It Have to Do with Website Content Organization?

    Well, the physical world where we have “needs” is not necessarily the same as the virtual world where we have “wills”. Despite what has been said, it is possible to create an arrangement in which users will be interested in reaching a certain page on the website, and being exposed to a variety of products or services that you offer on their way there. This way, we bring a lot of traffic to the website, and some of that traffic will, at one point or another, become our customers.

    To achieve better results from the website, we have to think about what is it exactly our customers are looking for, and how can we give them what they want so that they come back over and over again, and purchase our products or services.

    Arranging Content on the Website = More Inquiries From the Website

    The website organization consists of the quality of the writing, content hierarchy, content presentation order, etc.

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      When we rearrange the content on the website we can achieve more from every user, and this can be done by addressing the users in a more organized and efficient way. But in order to arrange content in a way that will improve traffic on the website and increase the number of references through it, we must first learn what the users are looking for by measuring the traffic and looking for ways to improve it.

      The result of content arrangement is two-fold:

      1. In the first stage – a better user experience on the part of users.
      2. In the second stage – an increase in visits to the website from new users.

      Thus, in practice, we receive more inquiries from the website, which makes this a correct and quite a profitable move.

      How do you improve the content on the website?

      You can learn a little about website content management or hire a website management service. If you have chosen to hire services from a professional, we invite you to contact us so that we can analyze your website free of charge and perform a cost estimate for arranging the content and even rewriting them by a professional experienced in managing content for websites.

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