Quite a few business owners have an eCommerce website, and a significant percentage of them run on WooCommerce, which is an extension plugin to the WordPress content management system. This system is indeed excellent, but it’s not 100% free of problems. One of the common problems is “non-receipt of email when receiving a new order on the website”. We are here to try and help you solve it!

The website does not send me emails about orders

Every aspiration of a Ecommerce website owner is to sell as much as possible. But, when there is a sale and the website owner does not get an email about it, it can be quite frustrating.

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    If you find yourself facing this situation where you do not receive an email on every new order, you should try to follow these steps:

    • Neutralize problems on your end.
    • Identify server / mail level issues.
    • Make adjustments at the site system level.

    If you follow these steps, your problem will probably be solved.

    Shall we start?

    Step 1 – Neutralize problems on your end:

    In many cases, the website sends the emails successfully but you do not receive them due to a problem on your end, for example:

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      • The emails reach the spam folder.
      • The emails are identified as unreliable.
      • Emails are deleted due to a filter.

      You should check the spam, trash and filter folders in your inbox to see if the issue can be resolved without working on the website system itself.

      If the emails are nowhere to be found, you should move onto the next step.

      Step 2 – Identify issued on the server / mail level:

      Often, the website owner has used the same email address for mailing of spam purposes themselves, and then mail systems by Google or Microsoft may block mail from the website address automatically (blacklist).

      In other cases, there is an organizational email system with a security layer that does not allow the intrusion of the emails sent by the website as a result of the sender not being identified as associated with that organization.

      In these cases, you should consider one of the following options:

      • Replacing the sender email address (using the SMTP plugin).
      • Manually unblock the sending email address from the website.
      • Establishing an organizational email for the website for sending the emails.

      When the problem is not detected even at this stage, we will move on to the next stage.

      Step 3 – Make adjustments at the website system level:

      Go to your mailing settings that can be found in this location: Woocommerce> Settings> Mail, and scroll down to check if the sender’s email address is indeed correct. It is advisable to update the sender email from time to time – it can do no harm.

      If it’s correct, you should go to any of the options for receiving an email from the site and make sure that the email address listed there is correct and even add another backup email address (private / non-corporate email) to receive a copy of each message.

      Finally, you should install an email log plugin that will track the sending of alerts and keep you updated, so that next time you might experience issues, you could easily fix it.


      If you did the steps listed above, the emails will probably work again. If you’re still not receiving inquiries from the website, contact us or your webmaster to check for additional solutions such as using restAPI to send alerts to the application installed on the mobile or other mail alternatives, until your problem will be solved.

      Would you like us to check that issue for you? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!