It’s not easy to organically promote an online store. Why? Well, because in many industries, everyone sells the same products that include the same specifications, the same images, the same hierarchy and basically – most online stores have no significant added value in the eyes of search engines.

In other words, in organic promotion (SEO) of online stores, the best method is to spread out as widely as possible in order to increase the chances of success (more products, more chance that some of them will somehow make it to the top of the search engine results).

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    But, there are also methods by which an online store can be organically promoted, and one of them is the effective management of product prices in the store, and we will detail out these parameters now.

    Updated prices = SEO for the store

    What interests the customer? Are you interesting to them? Does your story interest them? Maybe it’s that very unique description you wrote for the product? No, no and no. In the absolute majority of cases the customer is interested in the image of the product and the price, the emphasis being on the price.

    Price is the only variable that separates (in some cases) you and your competitors. That is, this is where you should be creative and provide added value to your client.

    Google, which operates particularly advanced algorithms, also tries to present the results that best suit the searches and needs of the customers (even if they did not type it in the search engine), and therefore – you can expect it to look very closely at such an important parameter as the price!

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      With this understanding, you can understand why using the prices of the products correctly will most definitely affect the organic promotion of your online store.

      How do You Manage Prices in an Online Store?

      When we want to show Google that we are “up-to-date” in relation to our competitors, and also “relevant” to what the users search for, we must make frequent changes in product prices. We will do this in one of the following ways:

      • Comprehensive price updates by importing an Excel sheet with the latest prices.
      • Changing using promotions/sales and shipping costs, in turns.
      • Use of advanced payment capabilities.

      The search engines know how to identify the different value, the unique value among the multitude of identical values. Being more expensive also makes your value stand out above the competition – of course, this will not always generate sales for you.

      On the other hand, even without any tricks, it is sufficient that you export a current price file once a week from your inventory management system and carry out a sweeping update to all products in one go (this requires a single-valued value such as an SKU and/or an internal key) to show Google that the prices on your website are current.

      So is it True? Is There a Relation Between Prices and Organic Promotion?

      Yes. Totally. We say this from experience. We have checked this more than once or twice. As a website management company, we see the direct result of every action we take, and we measure it.

      We noticed that after any significant change in prices for the website’s products, the entire website’s average position improves. We have also noticed that customers who do not cooperate and do not update prices tend to slowly drop in the search results.

      In other words, our job as webmasters also affects the organic promotion of the stores directly, so we can tell you with certainty that it is worth it for you to try it and see it for yourself.

      Of course, if you don’t have the time or desire to deal with the day-to-day management of the online store, we will be happy to do it for you, just saying… 🙂