In recent years, the field of website maintenance has constantly grown. There are always new development, marketing, and management companies that offer website maintenance packages. The price range between the different companies can be very significant, but there’s no tool that compares those prices, just like in any digital field. Therefore, we have decided to make things a little clearer for you.

Website Maintenance Costs

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you would like to hire a website management company for your website, you’ve come to the right place!

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    Website maintenance service is one type from a wide range of services called website management (which is our specialty). The company that provides the website maintenance services is obligated to provide you with the exact service as portrayed in the contract. Therefore, it’s of high importance to understand two important things:

    1. There are differences in price ranges between different companies.
    2. There are differences in the level of service between different companies.

    There are companies that will offer you website maintenance services for just dozens of NIS every month, while others will ask you for several hundreds of shekels every month. Some will even ask you for thousands of shekels each month. Why is the price range so wide? How do you choose a company? That’s what we’re here for!

    Types of Website Maintenance:

    The cost of website maintenance is usually determined by the level of service and the number of billable hours the company believes it will work on your website each month. The more maintenance hours are required, the more expensive the price is likely to be.

    But, in order to simplify the process of choosing a company, we will divide the types of offered services into categories:

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      • Basic website maintenance – a service that includes updating the website’s system, template, and plugins only.
      • Advanced website maintenance – a service that includes system updates, templates, plugins, and new installations.
      • Tailored website maintenance – a service that is customized (for closed-code systems) for the website.
      • All-inclusive website maintenance – a service that includes all the services that may be required for the website.

      About 90% of the companies on the market offer basic website maintenance only, which to them means performing a daily backup and take care of the website security so there won’t be any problems. Apart from that, they should log into your system and update components once every month or two and then make sure everything is working as required.

      But is that enough?

      Of course not. A website must do more than stay up and active. There are additional goals in website maintenance that should be requested from the maintenance company you have chosen:

      1. Compliance with the law (website accessibility, European standards, GDRP) and more.
      2. Compliance with Google conditions (visibility, hierarchy, user experience) and more.
      3. Keeping the content up-to-date for the relevance of the results, etc.

      To bring a website to a high level of maintenance, it requires a management package that includes ongoing maintenance. That is, maintenance is an integral part of management.

      So, how much does it cost to maintain a website regularly? Here are our answers:

      Prices of Website Maintenance

      Below is a reasonable price range for the various maintenance services:

      • Basic website maintenance – only $300-500 per month!
      • Advanced website maintenance – only $450-800 per month!
      • Custom website maintenance – based on the agreement, usually on an hourly basis.
      • All-inclusive website maintenance – $2,200 per month as part of a management package!

      We highly recommended that you don’t compromise and take the basic package, you should take the advanced one that includes everything you need, or even the management packages which will also include some peace of mind for you and a regular significant upgrade to the website so that you will see better results quickly. If you have any questions on this subject, if you’re looking for a consultation, contact us for a free consultation without any obligations, and we will be happy to help!

      WordPress Website Maintenance – What Should You Check When Choosing a Website Maintenance Company?

      Did you know that about 30% of all websites are based on the WordPress content management system? Moreover, estimates conclude that about 60% of the websites in Israel are based on WordPress. The reason for such widespread use of this system is two fold:

      1. The system is a free-for-use and open-source system.
      2. The system is easy to design and customize.

      However, these advantages can become disadvantages if you don’t maintain the website as required or update the system and plugins to the most recent versions. More about that is in this article.

      WordPress Websites Maintenance

      The WordPress website system is based on three components:

      1. The WordPress content management system.
      2. The website’s design template.
      3. Various system plugins.

      For a WordPress website to operate well, these three components must work properly. We will now address the reasons why you need regular maintenance over WordPress websites:

      Since a third of websites operate based on the WordPress system, the code is updated very frequently. Therefore, the plugins and design systems are also updated frequently, which can mean that a website that has not undergone regular maintenance will be far behind and with a system that’s not adapted to the latest standards. But this is not the only critical problem. Here is the real problem of not maintaining a WordPress site:

      The code over which your WordPress website is based is known to everyone. That is, new security loopholes are constantly discovered which endanger the website owners, so the systems are updated whenever a new loophole is discovered. When we don’t update the website system, we’re actually at a high risk of hacking, and therefore we may find ourselves in an utterly unpleasant state.

      What Should Be Checked When Choosing a Website Maintenance Company?

      After this long introduction, it is clear why we need to regularly maintain our WordPress website. But, how do you choose a management and maintenance company that will do the job well?

      To simplify the process of choosing a website maintenance company, we have a list of important things to check for you:

      • Make sure that the maintenance company specializes in the WordPress system.
      • Make sure the maintenance company updates the website at least once a month!
      • Make sure that the maintenance company monitors the website closely.
      • Make sure that the maintenance company also provides security and management services.
      • Make sure that the maintenance company has years of experience in the field.

      These rules guarantee that you will make the right decision and pay a company that knows how to keep your website up-to-date and relevant, but more importantly, secure and protected from cyber attacks or any other threat to websites (WordPress websites are the first to be hit by cyber-attacks).

      In conclusion,

      Are you looking for a company to maintain your website? We specialize in website management services that include ongoing maintenance for all websites we store and manage. As part of the service, we back up the websites every day and thus make sure that even in times of trouble, we can go back 24 hours and fix the breach. Want to know more? Interested in hiring our service? Leave your contact details below and we will get back to you soon!