You’ve received an order from your online store. That’s great! Now you have to go through the whole process of handling the customer’s order. The difference between the right and efficient orders handling or wrong and partial handling of them is enormous. The right handling of orders leads to an increase in repeat business which helps the online store become more profitable (no customer acquisition costs), while poor handling leads to losses that turn the online activity unprofitable.

An App for Order Management in a WooCommerce Store

When a new order is placed in your online store, the most important thing is to simply know it exists. To receive an immediate, real-time notification that there’s an order waiting to be processed and that you need to act. The sooner you start processing orders, the higher the customer satisfaction level will be.

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    So what are the steps of order management?

    1. Receiving a real-time notification through the app.
    2. Logging in to see the order and checking the availability of the product.
    3. Clicking the WhatsApp button to inform the customer that handling has started.
    4. Clicking the purchase list button for an orderly collection of the products.
    5. Clicking the WhatsApp button to inform the customer about the status of the shipment.
    6. Creating the automation to receive a review a week after the order has reached its destination.

    Of course, there are other additional actions that need to take place afterwards on the website, mailing list, and marketing, but these are the most important ones.

    The Need for a WooCommerce Store Management App

    Since WooCommerce doesn’t give access for most of these actions, not even in their official app, many people get lazy and don’t make sure they properly manage their orders, and the result isn’t great. In order to step up the ladder, to provide the best service to your customers, you need a tool that truly suits these needs.

    We have developed an app that was not only designed for managing the WordPress store technically, but on the marketing and sales sides as well – to bring about as many interactions as possible with the customers during the pre-sale, sale and post-sale stages:

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      • Pre-sale – live chat + granting coupons directly from the app.
      • During a sale – save those failed/canceled transactions + update prices and inventory using the app.
      • Post sale – WhatsApp chat + creating a purchase list and additional actions.

      We know you’re busy, but we also know that there’s you must provide excellent customer service. Therefore, we had to turn customer communication as easy for you as possible. We allow you to process orders from your online store in real-time and within seconds, thus giving you true control over your website!

      To enjoy the advanced management capabilities in your WooCommerce website, click the following links, download the app and add your website for easy management – it only takes 2 minutes to regain control over your website:

      The app is absolutely free, of course.

      By the way,

      Would you like the app to have more actions? Do you think that there’s a missing step in your sales process? Do you want us to create something new just for you? We would absolutely love to hear about it, because what is good for you is probably good for many other users, and we want to provide the best WooCommerce app, and you can help us to do so!