WooCommerce launched an official application for managing online stores based on their platform several years ago. But, although it is not at all a bad app, many store owners don’t use it at all. It’s difficult (or even impossible) to set it up, and many people just give up. Another reason for not using the application is the need to install an additional add-on called JETPACK, which provides a lot of new capabilities to the website, but at the same time, it terribly burdens the website and causes it to be a lot slower (damaging organic promotion), so many just give up.

But there is an excellent alternative that is available to use, without JETPACK.

ask us anything! its free 🙂

    WooCommerce App Without JETPACK

    If you find yourself frustrated by the fact that you have to install the Jetpack plugin on the website in order to enjoy using the official application, it is very possible that you should move on and not insist on using the official application. Nowadays, there are alternatives just as good as the official app, that do not require you to damage the website’s speed.

    Our app allows you not only to perform the same actions, but also to enjoy additional benefits of quick updates, comprehensive updates, the possibility of contacting customers with a single click, and more.

    Links to download the app:

    Did you download the app? Excellent! Now all you have to do is to register and set up your website in the app. Within a minute or two, and you’ll be all set.

    We mean it, ask us anything!

      Since this application relies on the rest API protocol, there’s no need to install the jetpack plugin or to register on the official WordPress website, and of course – the website will still be extremely fast.

      How Much Does the WooCommerce Alternative App Costs?

      That’s the best part. It doesn’t cost anything. Our app for WooCommerce is offered for free and without any hidden terms. You can download the app, register with one click, and add your website without any need for prior programming background.

      The application is offered 100% free and allows you to do everything you need to stop logging in to the website’s management panel every single day.

      In conclusion,

      There is an alternative to the WooCommerce app + jetpack plugin. The alternative is great, fast and achieves the same goals, while adding many additional capabilities which ensure you’ll enjoy both worlds. Try it, it’s easy and it’s totally worth the 2 minutes it takes to log the website to the system.