Quite a few store owners use the WordPress content management system combined with WooCommerce. As of today, this is considered the most popular system in the world! But, despite the tremendous popularity of the system, only a few make use of the official WooCommerce app.

Why’s that? Because it’s just not convenient enough to install and configure! In this article, we will explain it a bit and even present you with our own alternative 🙂

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    A WooCommerce App Alternative

    WooCommerce is an amazing system! Really, there aren’t many systems that develop as quickly and efficiently as WooCommerce. A huge community from all over the world produces more and more plugins and more and more solutions that make this system the absolute world leader. Nowadays, there is no clearing or shipping company that does not offer a quick interface add-on to its systems. ERP and CRM companies have also recently begun to invest resources to support synchronization and automation with this system.

    But, especially in a world where everyone switches to mobile, especially in a world where accessibility is more important than ever, WooCommerce developers require users to go through a whole set of settings in order to start using such a basic tool: an application to manage their store.

    To manage the store from a mobile phone, the store owner must open an account on the WordPress.com website, then install the JETPACK plugin on the website, then connect the plugin with the account on the WordPress.com website and only then can they log in and access the store management system from their mobile phone.

    Not only is it cumbersome, but the plugin also puts a lot of burden on the store itself and in many cases, store owners complain that it’s just not worth it.

    We mean it, ask us anything!

      These are only some of the reasons why many store owners are looking for an alternative to the WooCommerce app.

      So, What Is the Alternative to the Official WooCommerce App?

      As you already know, we are a website management company. Since we work with many clients, we have decided to develop our own application that will help them work on the website with us. Since we realized that it was helpful, we decided to give others the option of using our application.

      Our alternative to the WooCommerce app is much more convenient.

      1. Download the application to your device.
        Download for iPhone devices | Download for Android device.
      2. Open an account with one click via Facebook or Google or Apple login.
      3. Add the website with your details.

      That’s it, now you can manage your store and start receiving notifications about orders, chat with customers from their order page via WhatsApp and perform a variety of additional management actions anywhere, any time!

      In conclusion,

      If you’re still trying to figure out how to set up the WooCommerce official appl, our solution will be perfect for you. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete the entire registration and setup process, and from that moment on, the control over the website is back in your hands.