If you have an online store, there is a fairly high chance that it is based on the WordPress + WooCommerce system. After all, this is the most effective combination for online trading that exists nowadays. Although it is an excellent system, many find it difficult to manage their store and find themselves turning to a website management company such as ours to do it for them.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, you too can manage your store completely by yourself while working on the ongoing operation of the physical business by using a dedicated store management application that will simply make your life much easier!

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    WooCommerce Store Management Application

    As a company that manages hundreds of online stores, we talk to customers on a daily basis. As a result, we hear what bothers them and what will make life easier for them. That’s why we have developed an app for WooCommerce – an app that doesn’t require any professional knowledge or preparation before you start using it.

    Our app is offered for free in the app stores at the following links:

    The application will automatically detect the language of your device and display it in an easy-to-use manner.

    How to Start Using the WooCommerce App

    To start managing your WooCommerce store from your phone (iPhone or Android), you must perform the following steps:

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      1. Download the app.
      2. Create a user in one click (with Google/Facebook or Apple)
      3. Add your store using the store login details.

      That’s it. Now you’re connected to your online store and can manage almost everything without having to sit down at your computer and lose yourself among thousands of options in the original WooCommerce system.

      What Can You Do in the WooCommerce Management App?

      Below are some examples of the options available to you through the new WooCommerce app:

      • Add new products to the website.
      • Edit existing products on the website.
      • Quick inventory list update.
      • Quick price list update.
      • Carrying out actions on the website.
      • Management of received orders from the website.
      • Receiving notifications about orders.
      • Talking to customers via WhatsApp.
      • View reports and statistics.
      • And a variety of other tools.

      We imagine you must be busy providing services to customers as well as sometimes being on the road, and you don’t have the ability to find the time to sit down on a computer whenever there’s a new order, or when you need to change the inventory/price of products in the store.

      For this exact reason, the products in the store are probably not as up-to-date as they should be, and many people become angry when it turns out that the product is not in stock or when it turns out that the price is not up-to-date.

      The purpose of the WooCommerce app is to provide you with the ability to manage your online store in an accessible way. We believe that this is how you can take back control of the online store and feel that you can see a future in online commerce.

      In Conclusion,

      We offer you an application for managing a WooCommerce store for free, won’t you grab it?!

      If you’re afraid of registering/dealing with the registration – there’s really nothing to worry about, it’s as simple as connecting to the website – ask the development company that built your online store to do it for you. It takes about 2 minutes only, and in a one-time log in you’ll be set for life!