Art is expressed in many forms and ways. In some arts the person is the art (singers, actors) and in other arts we see the completes works (sculptors, painters, writers, directors, playwrights). In both cases, whether it’s describing an artist or the art itself is not an easy task, since it’s often difficult to convey the identity and feelings of art through text.

Therefore, when we manage artists’ websites, we make an effort to express the artists and their art visual forms by using audio, video and as many images as possible. This task is not easy since all those files must be converted, uploaded, and presented in a proper way that respects the website owner and results in conveying accurate messages to the users visiting the website.

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    Website Management for Artists

    Website management for artists is unlike managing websites for professionals in any other field! That’s because every artist is individual, and their requirements are always unique to them. But, despite everything we’ve just described, the artist community can be divided into several categories:

    1. Professional artists – architects, interior designers, industrial and graphic designers.
    2. Performing artists – singers, bands, actors, dancers.
    3. Creative artists – painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, producers, and directors.

    When we manage an artist’s website, we will usually choose the most appropriate category and the management will be carried out according to it:

    Website Management for Professional Artists:

    Artists engaged in creation for profit, such as designers, architects, etc., require websites that project their abilities to satisfy customers. That’s because their livelihood depends on their ability to highlight their successes to specific clients.

    Therefore, website management of professional artists will include detailing their degree of professionalism and experience, but on the other hand, showing a wide variety of projects that have been successfully carried out. As part of the management of these websites, we stay in touch with the artist and check if there are any freshly completed projects, we require information about them, photos and a recommendation from the client, and publish all that information on their website.

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      Website Management for Performing Artists:

      Artists perform live art, such as singers, actors, dancers and so on, require a completely different website management. The webmaster of a performer’s website must showcase the artist’s story, present the artist’s vocal/visual abilities, impress the website users and convince them to schedule a gig with the artist or to contact them for joint ventures.

      Website management of performing artists includes, among other things, online and up-to-date calendar management, photo management, tagging, and reviews about the artist’s performances and achievements. This is a task that can require quite a bit of effort, but it pays off, since that way, the artist can gather all the information about them in an impressive manner, and hopefully bring about a continuous increase in the number of bookings.

      Website Management for Creative Artists:

      Creative artists such as painters, writers, photographers and so on, are actually our favorites ones to manage. That’s because, over time, the website becomes a central hub where you can show all of the artist’s work proudly. Sometimes we feel like actual curators of an online exhibition, and there is nothing more fun than working on a website of a creative artist who thrills us time and time again.

      Managing a creative artist’s website will include creating pages for each and every one of their creations and managing the galleries on each page, all while including reviews, feedback, and, of course – the dates of various exhibitions the artist will participate in. In some cases, artists create and even manage a particularly profitable activity similar to professional artists, and in these cases, we will also attach a work portfolio (productions, photographs, etc).

      In conclusion,

      As you can see, we refer to each and every artist according to their precise category and needs. But, nevertheless, we will always talk to the artist and get to know them so that we can reflect the essence of the artist through the website as if they were the ones who actually run their website. This task isn’t easy, but we are always ready for the challenge. Would you like to chat? Are you interested in managing your website? Leave us your details below or contact us, and we will be happy to be there to provide you with the kindest service we can give!