If you’re looking for digital services for a website, you’d probably like to know what are the reasonable costs for your required services. That’s why we decided to put together a list of prices that’s easy to use, read and understand, so you could calculate and plan costs for your promotions and/or price comparison with other providers.

Digital Media Prices

*Please note these prices are an assumption and are not binding for us or any other providers in this field. The final cost is set for each and every client and their demands. That way, if a client requires more work and costs, the product would be priced higher to cover the costs. Some clients are easier to work with and might get much more competitive prices.

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    Costs for Website Design:

    Cost of designing a landing page:

    • Normal landing page – 2,000-3,000$
    • Interactive landing page – 3,000-6,000$

    Cost of designing a mini-site:

    • A mini-site of up to 3 pages – 2,500-4,500$
    • A mini-site of up to 5 pages – 3,500-6,500$

    Cost of designing a website:

    • Cost of designing a Corporate website – 6,000-9,000$
    • Cost of designing a Ecommerce website – 8,000-12.000$

    Cost of a website programmer:

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      • Hourly cost as part of an hour bank – 220-260$
      • The hourly cost for a programmer with no hour bank 280-320$

      Cost range can be affected by the size of a company and the level of expertise of a programmer.

      Cost for Website Storage and Maintenance:

      Storage Costs:

      • Cost of storing a website in Europe: 30-50$ per month for a Corporate website | 60-120$ a month for a Ecommerce website
      • Cost of storing a website in the US: 15-30$ per month for a Corporate website | 30-50$ per month for a Ecommerce website

      Maintenance Costs:

      • Bi-monthly maintenance: 350-500$ per month
      • Monthly maintenance: 500-800$ per month

      Some costs can be even lower, but we refer to professionals and not inexperienced providers.

      Costs of Content and Website Management:

      Cost of data input:

      • A one-time input – 150-200$ per hour
      • A continuance input – 120-150$ per hour

      Cost of content editing in a website:

      • Informative content – 250$ per page
      • Marketing content – 320$ per page

      Cost of ongoing management:

      • Ongoing management fee for an Corporate website – 1,500$ and more
      • Ongoing management fee for an Ecommerce website – 3,000$ and more.

      Cost of hour banks for a website:

      • Hour Bank cost of up to 20 hours – 150$per hour
      • Hour Bank cost of over 20 hours – 120$ per hour

      There are numerous fields in which a higher level of expertise is required, and sometimes even prior knowledge with the field the website is about. In those cases, the service cost can rise and even double.

      Cost of Marketing For a Website:

      Google ads:

      Running a paid campaign in Google:

      • A budget of up to 8,000$ a month – 1,200-1,500$ a month
      • A budget of over 8,000$ a month – 10-18% of the monthly budget

      Costs of SEO in Google:

      • Cost of SEO in non-competitive fields – 1,500-2,500$ a month
      • Cost of SEO in competitive fields: 3,000-6,000$ a month.

      Facebook marketing costs:

      • Cost of managing a business Facebook page – 1,200-1,800$ per month
      • Cost of managing a business Instagram page – 800-1,500$ per month
      • Cost of managing all social media – 2,000-4,500$ per month

      Cost of newsletter marketing:

      • A one time newsletter – 1,500$ per newsletter
      • A repeating newsletter – 1,200$ a month

      Integrated marketing:

      • Organic activity management only – 1,500-6,000$
      • General management – 2,500-8,000$

      Marketing costs are the main costs in running a website. But besides these costs, sometimes extra skills are needed for raising conversion rates.

      How can you lower the costs?

      The best way to lower the costs of website management is to have all the services done under one roof. Through website management services, you can enjoy most of the services mentioned, but for much lower prices. Managing a Corporate website in an all-included format is offered here starting at 2,200$ a month, and all-included management of sales websites are offered starting at 3,000$ a month. When you consider all the contents of this kind of package and understand that there is no limit for the amount of work offered, you can see it’s a significant discount in the management fees, and the peace and quiet of not worrying about the website, which frees you up to take care of the income parts of your business.