How much does it cost to maintain a website continuously? What is the price of a professional and reliable service that will indeed meet your requirements? Well, it is difficult to answer these questions, since each company offers a completely different maintenance package. Despite that, there are common price ranges that can be met, while pricing according to fixed and renewable working hours/costs alongside the desired types of service.

Website maintenance price list

When purchasing a website maintenance package, a few relevant issues must be checked before proceeding to price comparison:

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    1. Experience and professionalism – years of experience and customers who recommend the company and its services.
    2. Types of service offered – support/maintenance/content management service, and more.
    3. Application process time – how much time does that company say your requirements will be met.
    4. Level of commitment – Is there a minimal commitment (6 months / year ..).
    5. Human relations – what is the level of communication and human relations of the service providers.

    In a lot of cases, one company will be more expensive than the competition but it will provide a holistic service catered to your needs, while wearing a smile on their face. We advise you to check all the five parameters that we have presented as an integral part of comparing site maintenance costs between various companies.

    In addition, the maintenance costs should be divided according to the type of site:

    • Price of maintaining a corporate website – WordPress sites, HTML sites, closed source sites.
    • Ecommerce site maintenance price – Magento sites, E-commerce sites, closed source sites.

    Generally, you should prepare yourself  for double the working hours (and hence also for double price…) in Ecommerce websites in relation to corporate website, and that’s because in Ecommerce we have clearing and third party factors that are frequently updated and create many problems that require the work of the maintenance team.

    Now, we shall move on to the website maintenance price list,

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      One-time website maintenance price list:

      One-time site maintenance costs are more expensive than in other routes because the maintenance team must include the costs of learning the site system.

      • Cost of website maintenance work – 200-300$ per hour.
      • Cost of content editing in a website – 100-200$ per hour.

      Average of total hours required: 3-5 hours.

      • Reasonable price range: 200-800$ for one-time maintenance.

      Website maintenance price list based on hour bank:

      The cost of maintaining a website based on a development/content hours bank is the preferred option for small businesses that want the service without committing. But unlike those who require a one-time job, a greater number of tasks are required each month that require maintenance by a permanent technical team.

      • Cost of site maintenance work – 150-200$ per hour.
      • Cost of content editing work on the site is – 80-150$ per hour.

      Average of total hours required: 5-10 hours.

      • Reasonable price range: * 800-1,500$ for bank hours.

      * In many cases there is a minimum amount of time in an hours bank that must be purchased (10 hours…)

      Website maintenance price list based on service agreement:

      The cost of maintaining a website based on a regular SLA service agreement will be the cheapest and most affordable choice. However, the profitability of this service is for website owners who require a large number of changes and updates every month (WordPress website owners, Ecommerce website owners and more ..). As a part of this service, the customer is all-around covered and receives ongoing and regular management over time.

      • Cost of site maintenance work – 100-120$ per hour.
      • Cost of content editing work on the site – 60-100$ per hour.

      Average of total hours required: 10-15 hours.

      • Reasonable price range: 1,500-3,000$ per month on a regular basis.

      What are the costs that we offer our customers?

      Our company has 2 website management and maintenance routes:

      1. Basic package – storage, maintenance and management for small to medium sized websites on a monthly basis.
        Price of this service: 500$ + VAT per month, no obligations.
      2. All-inclusive package – storage, maintenance and management. promotion, marketing and more are included, on a monthly basis.
        Price of this service: 2,200$ + VAT per month, no obligation.

      For customers who want a bank of hours and/or a one-time job, we offer a service package that does not fall under the maintenance category, but as development and at prices tailored to the customer’s requirements.

      In conclusion,

      Need website maintenance work? Do you want your website to be managed professionally and consistently by a professional and reliable team? We are here to save you time and money by providing excellent service wholeheartedly and without keeping track of minutes or hours. Contact us for a consultation at no cost and without any obligation, and we will be happy to convince you to work with us! Good luck 🙂