We noticed that when talking about website management services, people mean different services. Some mean maintenance, others mean content management and some even mean marketing. The truth is, it’s basically everything! Website management services should include all management tasks…

Therefore in this article, we will refer to website management services as A complete service that includes all the parameters in website management without small print.

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    Website management packages

    When you want peace of mind, when you want to have all website-related services under one roof, you contact a website management company. They (or us) will offer you several different options:

    1. Website management on an hourly rate basis (cost per hour).
    2. Website management on a monthly basis (retainer / monthly cost).
    3. Website management on a yearly basis (cost per year + extra fees).

    To select a plan that suits your needs, you must first characterize those needs! for example, you may be stuck without a webmaster temporarily but will soon be recruiting a new employee – Then the hourly plan is best for you. On the other hand, you may want permanent professional services, and that the service provider will get to know your website and prefer a monthly plan.

    So which website management package is right for you?

    We need to ask ourselves a number of questions:

    1. What do we want from the website management company?
    2. Do you trust the website management company?
    3. Have you set long-term goals for the website management company?
    4. Do you plan to work with the website management team?
    5. Do you have patience for long-term processes with your webmaster?

    The answers to these questions will help you understand what you’re really looking for!

    We mean it, ask us anything!

      Some website owners are only looking for a professional that will do what they say! They outline a path and ask the webmaster to perform technical tasks respectively. And that’s fine! Others want their webmaster to take them forward and give freedom of action to improve performance and website results.

      If you tend to trust people and also want your webmaster to build a strategy and lead the way, You are looking for a website management service with an annual plan. If you know exactly what you need, You are probably looking for a monthly website management service. And if you only need one-time small tasks, The best plan for you is on an hourly basis.

      In conclusion,

      There are many other variables that can affect how you make your decisions, each customer needs a different treatment, we recommend having a phone call With a website management company to best understand what is right for you.

      And just remember – We will be happy to help you reach new successes!

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