Many of those who are interested in the “e-commerce management” service ask us – how are we different from other companies? Do you have experience editing online stores’ products? Well, of course, we have the experience, but in this article, we’re not going to refer to our service, but to our methods. In this short guide, we will explain to you how to edit products in an online store in order to help them reach a higher spot in the search results.

A Guide to Editing Products on Your Website

The dream of all online sales store owners is the same: conquering over the number one result in the for the products they sell in their online store. Why? Because it guarantees an increasing number of transactions and a boost to the business’s income. But, of course, when everyone has the same dream, the competition to achieve it becomes difficult, so we all have to meet the highest of standards.

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    How do we do this? – Below is a guide in 3 steps:

    1. Work on the online store’s framework
      • Store targeting – store targeting for to specific areas.
      • Filtering/navigation – improving the navigation and traffic between the different products on the website.
      • Creating a hierarchy – creating a customer’s-value-based order in the website.
    2. Improve the product framework
      • Establishment of categories – establishment of customized categories for the store.
      • Tag association – creation and association of products to interest tags.
      • Adding features – adding unique features to our store.
    3. Improve the products
      • Product name – edit product names according to users’ searches.
      • Product description – provide a short and concise but still accurate description.
      • Product image – choose a flattering image + description.
      • Product price – show the price in the search results.

    More About the Store Framework:

    We all know that we cannot beat the entire market even if we really wanted to. Therefore, while we make our first steps, we should focus on the field that produces the greatest profit for us. Every business has those products – the ones that produce the highest revenue, the bread and butter of the business. We will target these areas for two main reasons:

    1. The sales of these products will yield an extremely high net profit.
    2. In these products, the store owner has a competitive advantage over others in the market.

    After we have identified the products that we would like to sell, we can change the framework of the store and adapt it to these products by creating a filter, a clear hierarchy of the products’ importance and thus inform both the users and the search engines what we want to sell the most.

    More About the Product Range:

    When we add or edit products in an online store, we have an entire framework that can be used to our advantage. The product can be associated with several categories, several tags, and several unique features… The better we position the products on the virtual shelves, the more the search engines will promote us over our competitors. How do you do it? What are the highlights? Well, there is an orderly process for this stage:

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      1. Finding out what people are looking for using Adwords Keyword Planner
      2. Find out the number of searches for each phrase and keyword using
      3. Using the categories and tags based on the results we’ve received

      This might seem simple, but it’s a somewhat complex task because it’s necessary to get into a logical mindset and think like an algorithm in order to get the most out of it. But you’re welcome to try it for yourself (:

      More About Improving the Products

      Product pages consist of 4 parts:

      1. Product name – a flexible name, that we can come up with or just describe the item.
      2. Product description – a short or long description, describing the product and its use.
      3. Product image – a flattering image that makes the customer purchase the product.
      4. Product price – this is the most significant detail, and the buyer will look at it immediately.

      The secret to editing products in an online store is to describe the product in the title and description in a short but accurate way. The title and description must include the most accurate definition of the product alongside an extremely short description in which all possible descriptions for the product appear precisely.

      For example:

      • The product: socks
      • Product title: designed blue and light blue socks with smiley face illustrations.
      • Product Description: Cool-designed socks for a perfect style. The socks come in blue and light blue colors and have illustrations of a happy and friendly smiley face drawn on them.
      • Product image: an image that will contain the description and on it we will add a text value “blue socks smiley”.

      The result:

      We took a boring and irrelevant product and made it vibrant and full of life. This way, a user looking for a designer or cool socks will see the result in the search engine and will have to go to your website and purchase the product. The result is more and more products that create a puzzle that allows for those interested in one type of socks to purchase more and to always find something that they like.

      In conclusion,

      What was described in this article is part of an organic promotion activity that is part of our service for managing the marketing for e-commerce websites. Organic promotion for e-commerce websites is not at all easy, so some experience is required to perform these tasks well. Despite all of the above, we recommend that you try doing it yourself. If you don’t succeed or don’t have the necessary time for this, we will be happy if you contact us and we will be able to tailor a management package tailored to you, that includes everything you need and even more!