As time progresses, the importance of having a website increases. That’s because the online field takes an ever-growing part of our daily lives. For example, if we used to ask our friends and family members about products and service providers, nowadays, we look up through different search engines for the opinions of anonymous people online and sometimes take their advice.

When our customers are online, we have to be there too. The busines website is our first means of communication with our customers. When you fully realize this, you will see that the website has to be intuitive, pleasant, and inviting to our customers. You will see that the website must always be maintained and updated.

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    Possessing these conclusions, you can begin the work on the SEO of your website. There are many ways to promote a website (sponsored promotion on Google, sponsored promotion on Facebook, display on Waze maps, etc.) but the most significant and profitable marketing tool, in the long run, is organic promotion. Organic promotion is achieved by Google search engine valuing ​​your website over your competitors and therefore positions the website at the top of the search results.

    How can you achieve this result? You can read more about that in this article.

    Website Management = seo!

    A website consists of three components:

    1. The website system.
    2. Website design.
    3. Website content.

    While the website system doesn’t have much significance for the promotion, the design and content of the website have to do, big time! That’s because Google tells us that a significant part of the parameters on which they arrange the search results for each search are:

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      • Website user experience – response time, website visibility, website organization, etc.
      • Response relevance – the degree of compatibility between the search and what’s on the website itself.

      That is, if we provide a solution that combines these parameters better than other websites, the results might take a little time to show, but eventually – they will be achieved, and will stick forever.

      *There is the matter of creating links, but these should be organic, more about that in another article.

      So, How Does Website Management = Website Promotion?

      Well, when working with a professional webmaster, they make sure that we meet all of Google’s requirements in every action. Among other things, their job is to make sure that each page has an appropriate, description, and easy-to-use content arrangement. Additionally, if there’s a regular webmaster, the content is constantly updated, and the information is always kept up-to-date, and thus – more relevant.

      Let’s go over an example:

      • The website owner: a real estate lawyer.
      • A page on the website: real estate taxation (purchase tax, appreciation tax).
      • Management type: updating tax rates according to the latest update by the Tax Authorities.
      • Result: The website shows the most recent tax year and the most accurate answer.
      • End result: Google evaluates this and bumps the page up in the search results.

      Since most website owners are busy and can’t find time (or even remember…) to update the information on the website, we can actually get the opportunity to bump ourselves up by having the website manager update the information ​​under our advice and supervision. On the other hand, websites that don’t get updated frequently enough discover that the value of their website decreases, and their ability to convince the search engines of their contribution to users disappears, and thus the chances of a successful organic promotion plummet.

      That is, those who give up website management services because they deemed them unnecessary, will soon find out that giving them up has cost them greatly. That’s because websites that are managed professionally are considered to be of better quality and relevance, and their level of reliability constantly increases at the expense of other websites.

      What We at WEmanage Offer as Part of Our Website Management Services:

      • Fast CDN-based website hosting for optimal results.
      • Implementation of accessibility and encryption components according to the requirements of the law and Google.
      • Regular maintenance of the website system and the website’s plugins with high frequency.
      • Comprehensive content management: adding, editing, updating, and deleting content.
      • Improving the website’s visibility according to the latest standards (2018).
      • Improving the promotion infrastructure by editing content and rearranging the hierarchy.
      • Interfacing the organic and sponsored promotion market for optimal results.
      • Updated keyword research to match the correct values ​​every once in a while.
      • Managing the brand’s presence on the business pages.
      • Advice and guidance for innovative and cheap marketing methods.

      Our company offers the optimal set of services (all-inclusive website management) under one roof. This way, we are able to maintain continuity between the content on the website, the advertising campaigns, and frequent updates to match the requirements of the search engines. This way, you get peace of mind and constant results and improvement over your competitors who neglected their websites and slowly enlarge a gap that will not be able to be closed.

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