The online world has spawned quite a few celebrities. Unlike the reality we were used to, nowadays the general public can look up the names of artists, creators, politicians, and even academics and scientists, and read about them on Wikipedia and a host of other websites that cover their areas of activity. But the wide spread of information alongside a lot of false information requires well-known personalities to have an independent website that gathers the solid and preferred information in just one place.

For this reason, more and more individuals are setting up a website for themselves. In practice, the distance between the technological world and the busy world of the celebrity is so great that they don’t know how to manage their website on their own and many turn to us or other website management companies looking for website management services.

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    In this article, we review the main points of our activity in this area.

    Website Management for Famous Personalities

    Celebrities have a lot of privileges in life. They can get discounts, gain respect, and even earn a higher income than the rest of the population. But, alongside the advantages of being a well-known and famous person, there are also quite a few disadvantages, the most complex of which is the fact that any person can write anything about them, and this information can go easily public and tarnish their reputation. In recent years, many celebrities have decided to control and be responsible for the information spread about them online, and therefore they have set up websites for themselves where that information can be verified and confirmed and as such also appear as the first result in the search results both on Google and on Bing.

    Managing a celebrity’s website involves quite a bit of work since it’s necessary to follow on every news update (any new information that appears online) and refer to it on the website. If it is negative and incorrect information – it must be handled and removed from the network. If the information is positive and correct – it should be copied and linked to its source on the celebrity’s website. In practice, celebrities tend to be too busy to engage in these trivial activities and therefore they usually need management services for their website.

    How to Manage a Celebrity Website:

    The common denominator for all types of celebrities’ websites is that the website must be managed in a vocabulary and manner that matches their famous personality. That is, managing a politician’s website will require careful consideration of the elements in dispute. Managing a website for academics and scientists will require a double check of every piece of information that appears on the website before publishing it to the public, and so on.

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      Below are examples of websites of well-known personalities:

      Website Management for Artists and Creators:

      Artists and creators normally engage in their sacred work away from the spotlight. But, when it’s their turn to be exposed, they want to do so while maintaining as much control as possible over the coverage and interpretation of every piece of art that is published by them. For every field of art, for every piece of work, there’s a story that must be provided precisely, so that in every media and every coverage the ideas that are important to the artist will be published.

      Managing a creative artist’s website is complex since artists tend to be very sensitive to mistakes and misunderstandings. Therefore, when we manage an artist’s or creator’s website, we do so with extreme caution and request their approval for each action before publishing the change or edit to the public.

      Website Management for Politicians and Media Personas:

      Politicians and media personas receive wide exposure in the largest number of forms of media. They appear in the press and on television, alongside appearances on the radio and at various events. We might think they wouldn’t need a standalone website. In practice, precisely those who appear a lot in the media must have a website that gathers all their appearances in one place, and that place should serve as a business card for their efficiency and diligence on election day or when they are changing to different media formats.

      The uniqueness in managing the websites of politicians and media personas is, of course, the fact that there are many interests (political deals) behind the scenes. Therefore, it is not possible to just write anything about any person without maybe harming the reputation and career of that famous person. A website manager of a politician or media person must publish as much as possible regarding agreed-upon topics and minimize discussions over disputes.

      Website Management for Academics and Science:

      In the past, academics and scientists were content with websites at the educational institution system where they teach or the research institute where they work. Now, many of those well-known figures realized they can leverage the valuable knowledge they possess independently. But, to do this, they must show off and be proud of the research they have successfully carried out and/or their appearances in the most respected research journals.

      Managing a website for an academic or scientist needs to include detailed planning of every bit of content so that the most profound and important values ​​are presented to anyone who might search for it online. That is, the webmaster must try to showcase the research results as they are, but at the same time, they have to also explain them to people who aren’t necessarily academics and are not profound in that researched field, so that they understand what the article says and what the research results mean so that the media can be easily exposed to potential investors.

      In conclusion,

      Managing the website of well-known personalities is not like managing the website of a small business or even one of a large company. It’s more about the human touch of management and continuous and regular communication with the personality so that their charismatic and intelligent personality can be translated well, even if it’s just through online use. Would you like us to manage your website for you? Are you interested in having a professional take care of improving your online presence? Contact us for a free consultation without any obligations, and we will be happy to give you the best and kindest service possible!