When discussing website management services, it’s possible to refer to a variety of types and levels of service. This article is here to help you understand – what services you need, how much these services cost, and more important details that will help you improve your online business without investing too much money.

Types of Web Site Management

Examining the services offered by the various website management companies reveals that there are 5 types of website management packages:

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    • Level 1 of website management = website hosting and maintenance.
    • Level 2 of website management = a predetermined hours bank for any need.
    • Level 3 of website management = ongoing content management for websites.
    • Level 4 of website management = hosting, maintenance, and management of website content.
    • Level 5 of website management = hosting, maintenance, content management, and website marketing.

    The question you must ask yourselves is – which of these service levels best suits my needs? We will help you decide that in this article.

    What Type of Website Management Package Is Right for Me?

    Each of the five service packages might suit you. But, to choose the best-suited service for you – it’s useful to understand a bit more about each service, so we will summarize each package:

    Level 1 of Website Management = Website hosting and Maintenance

    The most basic service. The purpose of it is to ensure that the website is up for every user and is maintained at a high standard. As part of this service, the website management company will be required to provide a suitable hosting package along with regular maintenance services that will allow the website to work properly for years.

    • Average cost of service: *$300-500 per month.

    Level 2 of Website Management = A Predetermined Hours Bank for Any Need

    Website owners who want website management services without prior commitment or adherence to a certain route will most likely prefer this package of an hour bank. A management and maintenance hour bank for your website can fulfill all of your needs, but it is also very difficult to evaluate it at the end of each month (value for money).

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      • Average cost of service: depends on the hours purchased:
        • 5-hour bank of website management services: $180-200 per hour.
        • 10-hour bank of website management services: $150-180 per hour.
        • 20-hour bank of website management services: $130-150 per hour.

      Level 3 of Website Management = Ongoing Content Management for Websites

      This service includes content management only. This means outsourcing the responsibility for adding, editing, deleting, or updating content and inventory for all of the content that appears on the website (image or e-commerce). This service is excellent for website owners who don’t have time to manage the content on a regular basis.

      • Average cost of service: * $500-1,500 per month.

      Level 4 of Website Management = Storage, Maintenance, and Management of Website Content

      Unlike level 3, at this level, the management services already includes the full package for everything that happens on the website. The storage, maintenance, content, and any other type of changes are all under the website management company’s responsibility. This service is excellent, since the business owner no longer has to check their website at all, and the website maintains optimal performance.

      • Average cost of service: *$1,000-2,000 per month.

      Level 5 of Website Management = Storage, Maintenance, Content Management, and Website Marketing

      We usually call this service the “all-inclusive website management package“. As part of this service, not only does everything runs smoothly on the now professionally managed website, but everything online that’s not on the website is managed professionally as well. The website, visibility, content, presence, and marketing – are all under one roof. This all-inclusive service grants you total peace of mind, and amazing results!

      • Average cost of service *$1,500-$3,000.

      *Price range is determined according to the type of website (image/sales/service) and according to the customer and their field.

      So, what type of website management service is best for your business? let’s conclude.

      In conclusion,

      When choosing a website management package, we have to understand what our needs are, what services the website management companies provide, and finally – is the cost of it is worth our free time and granted professionalism. If you’re confused, contact us for a free consultation without any obligations, and we will try to help you find the best package for you. Good luck!