Do you have a physical store? Do you have stocks of products on your shelves? It’s time for you to find better ways to market and sell your products. Setting up a virtual store for your physical one will allow you to increase sales without taking too big of a risk on your business, or your pocket. How does it work? How to get started? All about this, and more – in this article!

Website Management for a Store

Every physical store owner is interested in establishing a virtual store that will support the physical one. One by one, more and more shop owners discover that their neighboring shop owners have set up websites and sell their products both in the shop and on their website. This way, store owners guarantee themselves a chance to survive in a virtual market that is taking an increasingly larger bite of the physical market.

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    The problem of many shop owners is that the internet, setting up the website, managing it and the rest of it seem foreign and scary to them. Well, it really is scary!

    But we have some news for you. If you are an owner of a physical store who wants an online website that not only looks great but is also managed properly, we can provide you with a service that includes:

    1. Planning the online store.
    2. Setting up the online store.
    3. Uploading products to the online store.
    4. Management of the online store.

    That is, all you’ll have to do is receive the orders and send them to the customers who ordered them online.

    But let’s talk about that a bit more:

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      Setting up and Managing a Virtual Store for a Physical Store

      The service of setting up a virtual store for a physical store is an all-inclusive service for small and medium-sized business owners who want to have peace of mind, but also make money using the internet. We will now explain what the process is like:

      During the first stage:

      When getting started, we come over to visit the client’s physical store. At that stage, the client gets to know us and sees who they’re about to work with. We also get to learn more about the client, and the business and understand what the strengths and weaknesses of the business are. This way, we know that we have understood the customer properly and are able to characterize a website that meets the needs of the business and the needs of the customers.

      During the second stage:

      After getting to know the customer and their needs, we set out and create an e-commerce website for them. The website is set up to include credit card options via the credit card company with which the physical store uses, and this is how we actually create an order for the customer. We define shipping costs, and the store owner will be able to receive online orders and send them with a receipt, as if they had purchased in the store, through the mail.

      During the third stage:

      In the third stage, we design the website and try to convey the spirit of the physical store and its characteristics of it to the users. This is a critical step, because the better we present the physical store in a more authentic way, the more customers will like and trust the website, and therefore – purchase through it more and more.

      During the fourth stage:

      It’s all ready. Products can be uploaded. At this stage, we contact the various suppliers of the store owner and ask for pictures of each product so that we can present them well online. We attach the photos to an SKU number and a description and then publish them so that users can add them to their shopping cart and order them successfully.

      During the fifth stage:

      This stage is ongoing. It is necessary to regularly update products, prices, stocks, and more. At this stage, we manage the website for the store owner and make sure that the store is updated and working properly every day and every hour, while the store owner doesn’t have to do anything other than update us about changes when necessary, and the online store will operate smoothly.

      In Conclusion,

      Do you have a physical store and no website? This service is the best service for you! We take the reins and make sure that you look great online and get another virtual branch while all the headaches and worries are on our shoulders rather than yours. Want a free consultation from us? Interested in hearing more about it, or making an appointment? Leave us your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible!