Since the 2000s and with all the technological developments, many professions have disappeared but new ones have emerged in their place. One of the new professions and one which will probably stick around for a long time is the role of the WebMaster. WebMaster is basically a combination of the two words – manager, and web. Or if you want, the more accurate meaning is “web site manager”. In this article, we will try to introduce you to this profession and detail out as much as we can about the kind of work we do every day for our clients.

What is WebMaster?

Many people ask us – what is a webmaster? Well, if we have to reduce the everyday work of a webmaster to a simple and catchy description, we can define their work as an intermediary whose purpose is to mediate between the demands of their employer (the business owner) and the demands of the customers (the search engines and the online users). That is, a professional webmaster must be well acquainted with the “rules of the game” and understand how to improve the website while meeting all the various requirements in order to achieve better results for the business owner.

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    In other words, a webmaster must stay constantly updated on the guidelines of the search engines and act accordingly; to make sure that the website loads up quickly enough; that the content is clear and readable for users and for search engines; that the content on the website is original, relevant and up-to-date; and a wide variety of other instructions. But, just as important, the webmaster must be attentive to the needs of the users and fulfill their requirements. Thus, if the users are looking for information about a certain topic or have questions about a service offered on the website, the webmaster must handle these requirements in the best way possible.

    The role of a professional webmaster requires the following knowledge:

    • In-depth knowledge of search engine requirements.
    • In-depth knowledge of optimization and acceleration tools.
    • In-depth knowledge of coding (html, php, js, css).
    • Good writing ability and good interpersonal skills.

    If they don’t hold up, the webmaster will find it difficult to fulfill his role and therefore it is better to contact another professional.

    Where do you learn how to be a WebMaster?

    There are various courses that offer training in website management, some of them indeed provide training for all the skills described above, others teach only the part of the website content and only for the leading platforms such as WordPress, Magento, or Drupal. Most of the great webmasters never studied the profession in a course or professional training. Rather, they had simply grown into the profession based on trial and error in their youth.

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      In our experience from recruiting employees, a good webmaster is a webmaster who knows how to learn independently and train themselves on the go, all the time. That is, a webmaster who has passed a basic course does not generate much value for us, but if they are willing and have a strong desire to keep developing and advancing on their own, then we definitely have an interest in hiring them and continuing their training in the ongoing operation of client websites.

      What tools does a WebMaster use?

      A professional webmaster will work with a wide variety of programming and tools. Moreover, a professional webmaster will discover every week or month a new tool that helps them do their job and achieve better results. However, there are some tools that, in case a webmaster doesn’t know how to use them well, it will be impossible to start working as a webmaster. Listed here are several tools that webmasters will use daily:

      • Google search console
      • Google analytics
      • Google tag manager
      • Metrica yandex
      • Pixabay

      And there are many more great tools that help us, whether it’s websites that we can use or software that we can install.

      In conclusion,

      If you are looking for a professional webmaster or want to work in this field, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We are a website management company that specializes in managing a variety of customer websites from image websites or e-commerce sites, and we will be happy to share some of our knowledge with you at no cost and with no obligations.

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